• Its what made america in the first

    There never has been a flaw in history of the christian values of America. Were are one nation under God, And if we reject that than God will not be with us, He will be against us, In the bible there are tons of people who die because of their rejection to God.

  • No other value system aside from Judaism bears a deep resemblance to that of America

    Completely secularized regimes killed hundreds of millions in the 20th century, Thereby putting the potency of atheism and secularism as mass killers on full display. Pagan faiths and Islam, On the other hand, Failed to produce as many scientific advancements and great figures as did Judaism and Christianity because pagan religions taught that the world is illogical and that nature is cyclical, And Islam taught its followers not to question anything within itself. In addition to this, The Golden Age of Baghdad produced a philosophy within Islam that effectively did much of the same things as most pagan religions- deny the the existence of the laws of nature and of cause and effect. If so, What is the point of innovating, Questioning anything, Thinking deeply, Reasoning, Searching for answers, Or making things better? Whereas Islam and a number of pagan faiths directly teach that some people are better than others, Thereby allowing for human inequality, It is said in the Bible that all men are equal in God's eyes, Thereby making Judaism and Christianity fertile ground for the idea of basic human rights and rule of law. It was also the Biblical belief that man was made in God's image that was the origin for the idea of liberty and for the idea of "inalienable rights, Endowed upon man by his creator- God". After all, If our rights come form God, Why violate them?

  • How can anyone disagree?

    This world is going down very quickly to evil. If you want a chance at any type of future where you're not being governed in every way you must support Christianity. Not Catholics, Not other denominations, Not Islam, Only CHRISTIANITY. The very thing that gave you your freedom, The very thing that gave you the right to even sit here on the internet and LIE and CONDEMN Christianity, Is the THING, Is the WORLD VIEW, ALL must adhere to, All must support, All must accept or literally we will crumble. Let go of your perversions, Let go of your anger, Let go of your hatred, Let go of your immoralities, Let go of your iniquity, Accept the truth. GOD, CHRISTIANITY is the only way to live.

  • In God we trust

    The first settlers in North America trusted in God and they did a very good job in the wilderness.
    They got no welfare, Had no internet porn, No crack and marijuana, No video games and no discussions on possessing a gun or not, Gay rights and feminism, Instead they worked very hard, Raised their children in a biblical way and went to church on Sundays. Politicans were more inspired by the bible, Not like the Clintons and Obamas of today.
    The Christian values were the core of success in the uprising of the United States as the leader of the free world.
    The Christian values are part of the US constitution and the founders knew why.
    To check out the situation today I listen to Kevin Swanson on Generations. Org.

  • Foundations of the Country.

    This nation was founded based off of good Christian Values even if you aren't christian yourself, There are some good values you should try to uphold yourself such as Trusting your fellow neighbor instead of being paranoid, Not killing, Not robbing, Not raping, Turning the other cheek, Not being gay. . . . .

  • When The Cultural Glue Of Christianity Dies, Everything In The West Goes With It.

    It's one big booty party right now, Western civilization. But when Christianity ends, So does the West. It is an interesting fact that Europe (and America) is currently in the Second Dark Age of Western civilization. All these words we type? All these big, Lofty plans of 'equality' we make? SILLY. In another 200 years Western technology will be completely gone and all of it will have meant NOTHING. The faster we mock the Christ dude out of existence, The faster our descendants will return to the 3rd world.

  • Truth in the struggle--

    Just as a thought, If we consider the past, The US has had predominately Christian influence in the nation's growth and prosperity as well as cultural growth -- founding documents clearly attest to this fact. The Christian faith speaks of togetherness, Inclusivity, Temperance, Patience, And kindness -- many of the ideas from the Enlightenment happened because everyone also had access to the Bible now -- don't forget.

    But as yet the nation has clearly not maintained that Christian heritage. We are not stewards of creation, And culture has clearly turned adverse to Christian mindset, If not antagonistic.

    Yet, As we can clearly see the stats of poverty (what happens when we lack charity) and the stats of fatherless children(what happens when we lack integrity) and the stats of domestic abuse (when we lack love as in 1 Corinthians love not as in the love defined by sitcoms and Cosmo articles) and the stats on abortion (when 95% are about birth control and not life or death situations, We are clearly lacking self control). I do ask, What values does the Christian world offer that offends people so much? When we are called to care for others greater than ourselves (Philippians 2:3) and to always act from a place of love (1 corinthians 16:14) be slow to anger and slow to speak but quick to listen (James 1:19), What is there to lose?

    One commentator said that the Christian world view is based on the 10 commandments which is contrary to the concept of religious freedom, And this is certainly incorrect. Yes, Christians are called to have only one God and nothing before Him, But Christians are not called to condemn someone -- that is not our job (Matt 7, Luke 6, John 8, James 4, And it goes on). We are called to honor the greatest commandment -- to love God with all OUR heart -- not force someone into it, That's not love -- and to love our neighbor as ourselves (Matt 22:36). In fact the 10 commandments are not laws of a land but laws of our heart, The first 4 about God and a person, The other 6 are meant for person to person -- I believe that's the break down, I may be off by one or two.

    TL:DR -- Historically, US is Christian influenced. Culturally the US is not Christian influenced, Christian values do not harm the people but can truly enhance the nation's connectedness and unity.

  • Not very much support on my opposing side.

    Two people, I assume, Typed in random consonants and punctuation. And that is just on their front page. They most likely said no because they had no proof, Or they said no because they are negative people. And now, I am going to type some random words to be able to post this. :)

  • America was made by Christianity.

    Let's google "Pilgrim" "a person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons. " keyword being "religious reasons". The Pilgrims were here to practice how they thought Christianity should be. They eventually found this great country.

    Those who disagree are denying the past of this country.
    In God we Trust.

  • Secularism says Everything is relative, If it feels right for you, Do it.

    Humans in Nature follow Natural Law which Is, The strongest among human survives, The weaker members are forced to surrender and live under the domination of the stronger members. A society composed of humanity, If it is to survive, Needs laws in order for the strong as well as the weaker, To be able to live together in peace.
    One of America's earliest presidents believed that, " our government rests upon Religion. . . " President Calvin Coolidge said the following about our government,
    " Our government rests upon religion. It is from this source that we derive our reverence for truth and justice, For equality, And liberty, And for the rights of mankind. Unless the people believe in these principles they can not believe in our government. " President Calvin Coolidge OCTOBER 15 Th. 1924

  • Say it with me now. . . . HISTORICAL MISCONCEPTION!

    No America's constitution was not based on the bible.
    No America's bill of rights were not based on the constitution.
    No the founder's didn't make America on Christian Values

    “Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because if there be one he must approve of the homage of reason more than that of blindfolded fear. ” Thomas Jefferson, As in the guy who wrote the thing.

    So let's do a little comparing shall we and visit the Old Testament:
    Exodus 34:19
    "The first first offspring of every womb belongs to me. . . " He then, In his infinite wisdom, Tells us to redeem our donkeys and sons. Notice how the female isn't mentioned.

    What about Thomas Paine then? He was actually one of the first forefathers of the enlightenment and eventually the American Secularism movement in general.

    What does the bible say?
    Do not Covet (Exodus 20:17), What's the American economy system based on? Captialism. Capitalism is almost pure coveting.

    What does the bill of rights say?
    Freedom of religion (1st amendment of the U. S consititution), What's god say? "Thou shalt have no other god before me, " (Exodus 20:2)

    So um. . . . . Yeah, No. The U. S isn't based on Christian values, I mean come on. . The bible says to forgive your neighbors, Does anyone wanna bring up the criminal system or the court system?

    The U. S was't founded on Christian values.
    It isn't based on them.
    It never was.
    And hopefully it never will be.

  • What christian "values"

    Most Christians I have met haven't read the bible and don't act very Christ like.

    Did you know that the bible condones slavery, Abortion, And the forceful marriage of a woman who has been raped to her rapist?

    Why the fuck should we adhere to those "values"? Keep your fictional beliefs to yourself and out of my government.

  • America is built on Enlightenment Ideals

    Unlike the opposition believes, The United States of America was not born because of Christian values, But because of Enlightenment Ideals that made people believe in liberty and freedom.
    Pilgrims were English Colonizers rather than Americans who fought in the revolution, They are 100 years apart, Even if many may be the descendants of them, The revolution wasn't fought upon Christian values, America's value of Democracy and Freedom is a more human value rather than religious.

    Keeping a Christian value means following the ten commandments, Which directly contradicts with the first amendment mentioning religious freedom, 1st commandment states you shall not have any god before him, That prevents others from having a different belief.
    Even if we ignore the 1st commandment, Many of those values claimed to be Christian can be achieved without being a Christian, They are human values rather than religious value.

  • This nation was not founded on christian values

    The values of this nation are deist and enlightenment values of the founders, The founders were not atheistic but they were extremely critical or organized religion and Christian Dogma, The values of our nation and its government are secular but the protect the rights of private citizens to practice their values as long as they don't force,
    there specific dogmas on others, There are universal laws you don't steal, You don't rape or murder( a fetus doesn't count) those are values everyone humanist and religious accept, Individuals are free to accept or reject christian dogma, The government has from day one been prohibited from establishing a state religion

  • Not all people believe in God

    Not everyone is Christian and America was colonized as a way to find religious freedom, Not to force religion onto others. That's literally what people were trying to escape. Personally, If you believe in God I have nothing against you or your beliefs but not everyone should have to believe in your faith.

  • Guys listen to the constitution

    SO umhh guys America was founded on religious freedom? ! ? ! Read the constitution you uneducated walnuts before you respond. Because would you like women to have no rights like in the bible? DO YOU? YOU ILLITERATE CASHEWS. Read the thing you worship before you respond, Because it might bite your back.

  • We have strayed by our original values.

    To be clear, I am a christian and very very much pro constitution. It is incredibly obvious that the United States was founded on the principles of Christianity. And for a lot time, A very long time, We kept those principles and even today we still carry them in some shape or form. But I do not think that America as a whole keeps those values, With the rise in Abortion or how people treat other people on the other side of the political spectrum.

  • Really really depends

    God isn't real, But if Christians are nicer, And everything, Then I'll be fine. But the illusion that god is god is just plain false. Illogical. I cannot compute the probability and find the reason that this is logical. It is not. God has never been spotted or seen. There is no evidence at all that god even exist.

  • We are a secular nation

    This country was founded on secular ideals. The freedom of religion, And establishment clauses are there for a reason. It is not only against the constitution, But just wrong. People follow different religious beliefs, And have different values. I myself don't have an issue with gay people, But many Christians do.

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Thoht says2018-12-03T12:32:15.923
Unless OP can draft me a list of "christian values" and show how they were invented by christians, The entire question is irrelevant.
IsaiahWOod23 says2018-12-03T13:35:29.727
Look here people. Christian values are also for other things too. The actual values were Judeo-Christian, So technically it is christian values. It is a christian values not to steel, Or commit murder. Or there are political things to, Conserve the constitution. Not all the founders were christians. Although there was a cultural aspect they they were basing things on. Key ward is VALUES, I'm not saying LAWS.
God is in our national anthem, Declaration of independents, Constitution. The law is based on the ten commandments(not 100 percent, But simple things were).
Thoht says2018-12-03T14:45:30.680
God is not in the constitution at all. To the extent religions are in the constitution it's to say we're a secular nation. This is hardly a 'christian value' and again, You haven't specified anything. Many of the 10 commandments are not illegal, And laws for murder et cetera were in place well before the Bible or Jesus existed at all.
Thoht says2018-12-03T14:46:37.397
Also, Conserving the constitution is not a "christian" value at all. In fact, Christians actively go against the constitution in several ways. Putting ''in god we trust'' on our currency in the 1960s, Inserting it into the pledge of allegiance, Et cetera.
IsaiahWOod23 says2018-12-03T15:12:30.897
Jesus is not all of the Christianity, Christianity started at the beginning of time, When God created the earth. He gave people moral, Not to murder, Not to steal, Not to rape. The reason why people do this naturally is because God put them in them moral. A character of his own nature. Also, Many people claim to be christian who are against the constitution. But i'm not talking about people that claim, People who are Christians. You will be able to tell the difference. The ten commandment were made well before the USA was made, So its not insane to use the commandments. And not all the commandments are laws, But there more like moral Virtues. Everyone knows(or used to) not to steal, Or lie, Or commit adultery, Or lust. And i'm not talking about Christianity, About the culture. There are many people who embrace the culture of Christians, Like church, Who are unbelievers. I was not talking about the dollar bill, Although if america wasnt a christian valued countrie, Why would they put 'in God we trust'.

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