• Yep. Makes sense.

    Jesus loved all the children of the world and he loves you too. Jesus is probably the coolest guy ever. He was really good because i always loved everyone. Its like if a cool kid were nice to a nerd. Jesus is the coolest kid so therefore, this is accurate.

  • Homework is needed

    Think about it this way. Your a student that just learned about fractions in school today. Your teacher assigns you 25 fraction problems to solve for homework. You go home after class and try to do your homework. You only sort of understand how to do it. You then ask your mom and dad for help. They don't understand it. So you just do your best and try. The next day at school you turn in your homework. After class your teacher tells you to talk to her. She says you got a 69% on your homework. Then she arranges to help you the next do so when your quiz came you got a 98%. Homework makes it so that teachers know how their students area doing. A certain amount of homework is good.

  • More Homework, More Learning

    While I personally HATE homework, that doesn't mean it's not helpful. It may take a way from free time but a simple one hour of homework is enough. (Though, this may be different for others, as I do not participate in after-school activities). Homework is a tool used to reinforce learning and help students remember what they were taught.

  • America should keep homework in schools.

    America should keep homework in schools. We are overloading our kids by assigning them hours upon hours of homework each night. This is unfair to the parents and to the students to keep them up as late as we do just so they can finish their homework. I think homework should be kept in the classroom.

  • Yes, there still should be homework.

    Homework in itself can be a good teaching tool, especially if it is kept brief and to the point and is meant to reinforce what the child has learned during that day. However, when it gets to be excessive or needs the parents to do it with the child, then it should be eradicated.

  • Yes, America should keep homework in schools.

    Yes, America should keep homework in schools. Homework is a good way for a teacher to judge if a student is understanding what is being taught, or if they need extra help. I do however think that homework should be given as practice, not just given out as "busy" work.

  • Homework should be kept in our system.

    My favorite thing about the answers in favor of getting rid of homework is that they're riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Wow, such irony. There aren't enough hours in the day for school work to be completed, and those extra hours at home are required for lessons to be complete and understood.

  • Yes, America should keep homework in schools.

    Homework plays a large part in the development of students ability to complete work on their own. It teaches them the value of completing something with a deadline. This can be very useful in their future jobs as well as their future college education. Homework needs to stay in schools.

  • Homework Needs to Stay

    Schools need to keep giving students homework because the quality of education in the classroom doesn't make up for a lack of homework outside the school. Therefore, students need constant refreshers and challenges for the work they recently learned. Otherwise, they're likely to forget everything and have trouble succeeding in school.

  • Homework is an essential element in learning

    Homework is an essential element in learning. It is part of recounting of what has been learned and probably 50 and if not more them 50 percent in the process of acquiring the knowledge. Repetition is a process where the real remembering takes place, and doing homework embraces that element. It is the part where the child has to reflect on what he has learned and recount it.

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  • Homework should not be kept in schools

    Homework is overused in the America. In other countries such as Finland and Japan they nearly have any homework, but still are the some of the smartest countries. Homework causes stress, sleep deprivation, weight loss, stomach problems and headaches. It also prevents students and children from pursing their extra circular activities. Finally it doesn't allow a kid to spend time with family and friends which is most important in their childhood

  • NO kids are busy in after school things to do my two kids are BUSY!!!!!

    They have wrestling all through the winter then the spring baseball fall football they have no time to do any thing with practices from 4:00 until 6:00 or 6:30 every night then to get home cook dinner take a shower it is like 7:00 then they go to bed in thirty minutes the have no time for this stupid crap they would like to relax on weekends school is too much for there 8 year old brains

  • I hate home work

    Homework takes away from our free time at home so we feel more stressed. That's why at my school LLT Academy we don't get that much homework even the parents love this school because I can get more things done around the house. That is a reason why homework should be banned

  • No homework period!!!!!!!

    I don't care if us kids Do it in school I just think it should be banned completely. Because we have enough stress on us already we don't need more when we come home just want to relax. Plus we already spend six to seven HOURS a day in school so we don't want to come home from school and sit down to do more work!!!!!! Seriously people no more homework! !!

  • We should not.

    America should not keep homework in schools. This would let kids be able to actually focus in class and learn instead of getting homework. Now a days, most teachers teach for like the first 10 minutes of class and then let the kids spend the rest of the time working on their homework.

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