• The U.S military is outrageously bloated.

    Our military spends an unbelievable amount of money, and a great deal of it goes wasted and unaccounted for.

    Defense budgets are important, but when we spend more money than the next 26 consecutive countries put together, it's both embarrassing and unacceptable. It's time to take a step back and let other countries pick up their own slack on military budgets so we can shrink ours.

  • We should lower our military budget-

    Our current system in America, spends roughly 3.8 of our GDP on our military. That is about 640 Billion dollars, or ~1,428,000 soldiers/involved employees, 5,113 nuclear warheads, 5,400 aircraft, ~450 ICBMs and about 60 military satellites. How many planets do we plan on blowing up with all this armament? As an American citizen, I understand the need for protection, and the need to defend our country, but we should not have enough nuclear explosives to obliterate the total earth mass 1 and a half times! This money that is spent creating warheads, and aircraft enough to destroy the Earth could be spent better elsewhere. For instance, education, the textbooks in my school are about 4-5 years old depending on what subject, some were signed of in the 1990s! And NASA, with a small budget of around 17-18 billion dollars, had the space shuttle program cancelled in 2011 because it was "too expensive". Well 450 million per launch sounds horrible, but think, every billion dollars is 1,000 million. So, about 2.4 launches and the budget for the year is sliced by 1/18. But how could we afford that during the cold war and not now? Statistics show that in 1972 our GDP was around 5.25 trillion dollars. In 2011 our GDP was 15.9 trillion dollars. So yes, we could afford an "expensive" space shuttle program making one-third of the money we raise, about 40 years ago, but not now? I believe that our military is WAY overbudget. In the same year, the military budget was about 343.8 billion dollars, so we have about doubled our budget for the military. All of this seems way too much to try keeping out Russia's 68.2 Billion, or even China's 188 billion in 2013. So decide for yourself and leave your mark's below in whether or not we should increase, or decrease our budget.

  • And it's about time

    In 2012 (in other words, not to long ago), the US spent 682.5 billion dollars on our military budget. We are the number 1 spenders in the world. Compare that to second place, China, at 166.1 billion dollars. The US has consistently spent enough money to land us the achievement of 40-45% of the total money spent on the military globally. The US alone spends more than 195 countries. (194 if you don't count Taiwan). It's time to cut back.

  • The budget should be lowered-

    We have already spent too much money on our military. We should be supporting the poor and charities. While we wage war and raise tensions for power and land, there are people;even children that get sick and die. They are forced to work. They constantly contract diseases that we don't even see. They die from our lack of help. While these poor people are dying, we are spending money on some idiotic things that can bring life on Earth to an end. How come we are spending money on military, stupid military, when we can help sick kids with cancer or leukemia? It's just so careless of the U.S government to spend money on war that's going to kill us rather than help the poor and get respect. If we cannot help the poor, at least let in refugees! Donald Trump is being an idiot and does whatever he wants, even if they are unconstitutional. He does not think about things. He is a narrow minded, idiot, with a racist mind. 'It's not a Muslim ban!' He says. But in fact, Christians were let in. Help the Syrian refugees! He says the Muslims are doing all the bad things. Actually, the terrorists were all U.S citizens. Is Trump ignorant?! He wants to raise the military budget. He is a fool. He doesn't know the Cold War.

  • No freaking way

    My father is in the military, he has 1980s HMWVV's and weapons, if anything they should lower the DHS (department of homeland security) budget which has received 5,000 MATV's and over 100,000 level 3 IBA protective body armor, also they have bought over 19.5 trillion rounds of .556 ammunition. Also another reason the Military budget should stay the same or increase is due to thousands of soldiers which could have been saved if the military budget had been higher and the armament much stronger. Until you don't know if you're family will be safe or not in the next day then you will not know the true fear.

  • We should never lower a military budget

    One of the great things about having a strong military and one of the most advanced in the world is the deterrent it will have on enemies. There are too many growing tensions in the world to lower our military budget. As Ronal Reagan has said, we create peace through strength. We shouldn't have to wait for an attack on our homeland to do something. We should always go on the offensive rather the defensive. The US shouldn't be lowering out military budget while China and Russia are expanding theirs to great lengths.

  • Not in a world with growing tension

    With a Russian invasion of Eastern Europe inevitable we should prepare are military for war. Russia is a stronger adversary then anything we have seen in the last 50 years. Also china and Iran are becoming far more aggressive, it seems a lot more likely that a war on on a global scale will develop soon and we shouldn't make drastic military cuts before a war breaks out.

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