• The Cold War Is Over

    There is no need for the United States to have a nuclear arsenal of the size that they do. There is no longer a nuclear threat that maintains the number of nukes even remotely close to the level that we do. Most of the forces that threaten the US are rogue nations where the threat of nuclear annihilation does nothing to curb bad behavior.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Yes, America should make cuts to its nuclear force.

    America should make cuts to its nuclear force. The collection of nuclear weapons America has is large enough. Adding to it is just ridiculous. Money could be otherwise spent in more pressing issues that can directly help people, rather than entering ourselves in a "Who has a bigger and better" contest.

  • Yes, America should make cuts to its nuclear force.

    Yes, America should make cuts to its nuclear force. America has a full arsenal of nuclear weapons at our disposal. While a stockpile is necessary, creating more and spending the money to create more, should not be a top priority for the U.S. With education lacking, personal safety threatened, and lack of jobs, it is clear that the U.S. should be allocating funds from programs that aren't readily needed to American human necessities.

  • Yes We need to cut our nuclear stockpile!

    Yes, I believe that America should cut down on our nuclear stockpile. America is not the only nation that should do this but lets just examine America for now.
    Taking into account the destruction that can be caused by nuclear arms, we must understand that keeping a nuclear deterrent is a necessary evil to maintain peace with other nations that would otherwise be hostile towards us. But truthfully we only need a few nuclear warheads to accomplish this. As I said, nuclear weapons cause a massive amount of destruction and as such, only a few are necessary.
    Additionally, if we cut down on the amount of nuclear weapons that we keep, other nations might be incited to curb their stockpiles as well. After all peace is all we really want is it not? And lets not forget, when it comes to nukes, a little dap will do ya!

  • Keep the nuclear force.

    If the United States of America decided to dispose of their nuclear weapons, then we would be defenseless against all other countries which have nuclear weapons or which would soon develop them. China, Russia and countless other countries would laugh at our stupidity. They would be hawks while we would be the prey. Let's say terrorists get them, then we could not defend. Yes, we could abolish all of them and that problem would be gone but it is simply impractical. Again, we should not abolish all of our nuclear weapons

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