• Press the 'Reset' button

    Hopefully they could evolve without the barbaric Islamist culture this time. Every one of these middle east countries is filled with these backwards people. My worry would be that a lot of the worst people are already amongst us in the western cities. It would be best to send these people back to their home country before nuking commences.

  • Blow them away

    I place American lives higher than Muslim lives they took the fight to us by bombing civilians. If our positions were reversed they would not hesitate to blow us away. FACT: 90 percent of Muslims support suicide bombings. I say the crusaders had it right the first time, if only those brave knights had the arsenal we had today!

  • Yeah, but it should nuke itself too.

    Hahaha, funny to see you fools fumbling about how terrible the middle easterners are while sat in your well heated houses with clean drinking water and plenty of food. You live in a sheltered world and don't seem to realize that the middle east has it much worse than you.

    You seem to forget that the whole hatred of the western world is rooted in the crusading, marauding west that helped twist the middle east into the hell hole it is today. Stupid capitalists.

    To be honest, I hope that the US decides that nuking the middle east is a good idea. Then you can nuke Syria and realise you made a big mistake because you nuked Russia's ally, so 500 IBCMs head your way and end you ignorant fools.

    Yes, maybe it means the end of the world above the Brandt line, but we never really deserved life anyway did we?

    Anyway, you can nuke the middle east and give up your humanity and die as a result in a nuclear inferno or you can be grateful for your life and try to deal with a problem rather than wiping it out.

    I know you will all choose the latter. Stupid Americans.

  • Yes, they are a threat to humanity's progress

    Incest, pedophilia, murder of men, women, and children, and radical fudementalism are rampant in the Middle East region. In order for humanity to advance, these brainwashed lunatics should be wiped out. Any innocent non radicals should escape as soon as possible. A majority of them are savage followers of the pedophile Mohammed

  • Brainwashed by religion

    The people living in the Middle East are all religious freaks hell bent on destruction, terror and oppression. The Middle East is a breeding ground for terrorist organisations that then turn on the west and continually cause death and destruction all in the name of religion. They are slowly infiltrating and changing the world as we know it.

  • Eradicate blind hate

    No matter who we help they will use everything we've given them against us. They have infiltrated like roaches and people are turning and helping them. It may be God's plan anyway. Sounds like the description in Revelation. I don't want violence, I want peace, but THEY provoked first and we have to defend what's left of a good America. It's nice that people want to save them all but haven't all of us seen that they are sneaky psychotic snakes? And it's not for religion, they seem to need a hobby like professional sports. God help us all.

  • Nuke religion and misguided socialism

    The Victorian art critic John Ruskin once said that you could measure the health of a civilization by its architecture. ....Thats a nice bullet riddled mud-hut youve got there Hussein! Personally speaking, I don't wish to see the Middle East nuked because, - before transmogrifying into the fascistic women-oppressing bullies they generally are these days - they really did have some brilliant architecture and world class cultural input. As of now, under the guidance of Mohammed - that illiterate cave dwelling pedophile - they have no culture at all; that is unless you count the totalitarianism that permeates everything, whilst invariably infecting the imaginations of the young and the innocent. As Christopher Hitchen's rightly pointed out: if Allah or any other monotheistic deity were utterly perfect in their designing of the earth and its inhabitants, why the need for circumcision? Isn't that really saying: "god, you're a lousy designer and you got some bits wrong"? What confounds me the most, however, is why Britain is bending over backwards for these war mongering fascists (women and children excluded). Is it post colonial guilt? ...Is it because the Nazis and their far-right ideologies have fused 'the allies' into a permanent state of leftist turns? Keep turning left and you are back where you started. All I'd say is we should not suppress our rage as our own hard fought civilisation is just taken from under us. Fundamentally, our government has committed treason on its population on an industrial scale. That is, the BBC seem to have become the ministry of morality - albeit terribly misguided - and essentially they inform you and me, and they prescribe their murky vision of utopia onto all of us. Don't buy it! The new liberal, for instance, who cares so little about his children's heritage and future, will quite happily tar those with a valid concern as to their cultural genocide as a racist and a bigot. Has anyone seem Dimbleby and his biased Question Time show? Its a total disgrace and a gob in the face of real democracy. I suppose my point being is, the problem isn't solely with Islam and the Middle East; the problem is as much our own corrupt, self-interested politicians who couldn't give a rats ass (to borrow a great American expression) about you, your family, your future, your lineage and heritage, and all the components that have been forged over millennia which connect you to your roots, the land, culture and, ultimately, your humanity.

  • Nothing to lose

    I lived over there for 3 years, mostly desert, there is nothing to lose. The people that live there, mostly good, some bad, easily manipulated. People follow who ever has the most guns. The religion is based on different versions of the Koran, then subject to interpretation. I would nuke the desert part where there is no historical locations. All along the Iraq, Saudi, Jordan, Syria, and Turkish borders. If not nuke, use bigger bombs, and a lot of them.

  • Like nuking America's south over the KKK

    Or blowing up a house because you have a couple of rats living in it. The point is, you will be killing hundreds of millions of people who aren't even religious radicals or let alone active terrorist, but are ordinary people who try to go about their daily lives without being executed or bombed because they're living in hell.

  • Yes, America (along with our allies) should nuke the Muslim Middle East.

    America is the moral authority in the world. WE will decide who lives or who dies. This mindset needs to be instilled in ALL Americans. ISIS is a direct threat to the Human species. It needs to be utterly obligated. Only Nukes can do this. If so-called "innocent" Muslim lives are taken?, then so be it. There is NO such thing as an innocent Muslim.

  • No, only if they attack us first.

    No, America should not nuke the Middle East, because the Middle Eastern countries have not done anything provoking enough to warrant it. America needs to be strong in its defense of Israel, and defend Israel's right to exist. But our reactions to conflicts in the Middle East should be defensive, rather than aggressive.

  • Think of them as people

    There is no reason for anybody to nuke anybody else, no matter how much they rub you the wrong way, especially in this day and age. An act of nuclear war by on country could lead to a global issue.

    Most importantly, think of the people involved. They are people, living, breathing people, with feelings, emotions, hopes and dreams. Nuking them would not be the solution.

  • Nuking only put us in a bad position

    That question is analogous to what the Nazis said about the Jews. I am sure most of Americans are frustrated by the problems in Middle East. As much as we want them to die, they also want us to die too.

    Let say we can successfully nuke Middle East, does that solve all of our problems? No. If we actually nuked them, then all the other countries will try to eliminate us, like what the Allies did to Germany in WWII. Also, given within US we are divided anyway, so there will be a civil war before we would even be able to push the button to send the warhead over the Middle East.

  • Kill millions just for the crime of a few?

    No. They are not savages, they are not mindless beasts. They are PEOPLE. A few people have turned to terrorism so you just decide to blow them all up. What kind of sick people are you. That's like saying lets bomb all of America because they have the Westboro Baptist Church, Or lets blow up a school because one kid attacked a teacher.

    Posted by: Bjam
  • Think of the side-affects..

    Not only is nuking the Middle East an act of hostility and in-humaneness, using nuclear weapons will create dozens of environmental and biological problems, not to mention the obvious massive political problem at stake.

    Our planet Earth is already in a hostile enough position without a full-out war breaking out and nuclear energy being wasted away.

  • Nope

    I'm hoping this is a joke. I understand the frustrations and there being a lot of dangerous groups in that part of the world but the answer to "should ____ nuke ____" is no regardless of who fills in the blanks. The Pandora's box that would open up is one that this world would never recover from.

  • Nuclear Weapons: how about no weapons.

    The use of nuclear weapons has severe repercussions to the international world and a strike on the OIL rich area of the world would result in war that would simply end civilization. Nuclear weapons were only ever used once and the effects has convinced many policy makers that its not worth the cost. We only live on one planet, so nuclear radiation from one weapons will have a rebound on America just the same.

  • Nuclear Holocaust Not Smart.

    Einstein once said that Technology is like an axe in the hands of a madman. He also said that nuclear weapons were his worst nightmare come true. Now if the worlds arguably most brilliant man said this, Why would we again make a mistake that destroyed the lives of millions in Japan? Nuclear weapons are nether the answer or the solution to ANY problem. Yes there's a horrific level of conflict in the middle east. Yes their beliefs and way of thinking in terms of human rights is centuries behind the rest of the world but it's only a minority that is the problem. The majority of people want what we want. To be free. Take a good hard look at Egypt and the Arab spring. MILLIONS of people are uprising against sharia law. Against autocratic dictators and trying to crush the corruption these people created.

    So in short. No. Nuclear weapons will not solve anything. It would just lead to a Genocide of a people that are enslaved by a few people and a very corrupt religion: Sharia Law.

  • No I believe the exact opposite should happen, and I am an American with this honest truth.

    The Middle Eastern terrorists (eg. Al Qaeda) were funded by the CIA, to destabilize the Middle Eastern region. With that being said, 9/11 was an Inside Job which was a tactic to make the gullible citizens to vote war against the wrong countries who had nothing to do with 9/11, that is Iraq. Yes, we lost 3,000+ innocent Americans during 9/11, but Afghanistan lost 100,000+ innocent middle easterns, and I do not think this is fair for them at all. I am not trying to be unpatriotic because I love our country and based on what it was upon, but I do not agree with our governments foreign policy, and we have destroyed and killed millions of people in that region. I am a fair person and do not like it when things are unbalanced and unfair, and with that being said, in my God honest opinion, I believe that we (America) deserve more 9/11s.

  • Using a nuclear weapon would be a bad idea.

    Only two nuclear weapons have ever been used in warfare, and it should really stay that way. Use of a nuclear weapon has drastic impact that would almost certainly kill countless innocents, and might invite reprisal from other countries armed with nuclear weapons, which could shortly lead to the end of all intelligent life on earth.

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dvande28 says2014-01-04T21:30:57.493
Can we nuke everyone that said yes?
ProActive4491 says2014-08-22T21:13:10.907
The US should in secret, create a nuclear missile/bomb large enough to wipe out the whole or Iraq, Iran and the Middle East in 1 hit. Then from every single country where Arabs have moved to and any people that are likely to highly oppose wiping out millions of innocent and non innocent people, every police force should be out on the streets, armed to the teeth and permitted to shoot and kill anyone on site for opposing nuking the whole Middle East. This is called being pro-active, you may have other descriptive words for this but we need to destroy those Arabs who think it's ok to behead innocent Americans. The reason why I say every countries police force should be on their own streets ready to deal with opposers, is purely because there will be thousands of them attempting to riot in our countries about what has happened to the Middle East. The only down side to this is, the whole continent will be a huge sheet of glass, and some wind currents may blow radiation clouds to us, but I'm not experienced enough to comment on that. To sum it up, death to all Arabs, women, children and men and this will permanently stop any future terrorism or any of us witnessing our own being beheaded.
ProActive4491 says2014-08-22T21:22:13.967
I really tried not to throw in any swearing or racism there, no matter how much I'd love to! If nuclear force is too suicidal for us to use on them, there will be another type of bomb or mass destructive method to be used to keep the damage and after effects contained securely in the Middle East. I have forgot to mention until now, the oil that would be totally inaccessible... No matter, those animals that some people often refer to as 'people' or 'humans', need to be turned to sand and dust and their land and buildings turned to glass as soon as possible. But in extreme secrecy remember, otherwise they'll clock on and initiate a counter attack before the nuke or bomb arrives. We need to be quick, silent and very very effective.
ProActive4491 says2014-08-22T21:26:45.440
I do feel a degree of sorrow for those who are genuine and well mannered and educated. The decision making factor that has become over whelming is the sheer extremism and disgustingness displayed by the terrorists and extremists that happen to be located in the same country and continent. Unfortunately this should lead to the killing of them all, 100% of all Arabs in the Middle East. It's the minority that has ruined it for everyone else, which should cost every living organism it's life and land, permanently.
shalal12 says2015-06-04T11:55:18.497
So many "Yes" shows that world is full of wild people....
They regard Arabs and other people as dangerous people, however they themselves will be worse and more dangerous if they get chance.
I can only feel sorry...