• US Citizenship is a Human Right

    The United States should be obligated to pay for travel to the United States, and lifelong room, board, education, and medical services for all as a matter of human rights. Not to do so is raving xenophobic racism akin to Nazi Germany and Stalinist Soviet Union. Voting rights should be extended to all. Drugs should be legalized with broad amnesty for all who have violated arbitrary "laws" of the United States to which offenders have not "approved".

  • Overpopulation is a world problem

    I don't care at all about race, but I do worry about numbers. Immigrants can bring in family members, and they obviously have children while here. We already have a lack of housing but also do not need to be gobbling of 100s of acres for homes, more shopping centers, and schools. We are pushing wildlife out of their habitat, and we have bumper-to-bumper traffic. We do not need more people!

  • No, it shouldn't

    There is such a thing as a quota where bringing in immigrants past it starts becoming a progressively worse idea. I'm all for bright minds from other countries entering and staying within our borders, but we do eventually reach a point where we need to focus on what's already here and not what could be.

  • America should tigthen its borders, offer paths to citizenship

    The last thign America needs is an infinite influx of immigrants. Instead we should have tightened borders that offer the chance to become a legal US citizen--IF legal precedents are followed. This way we control who gets into the country and know that they are able to provide for themselves once they get here.

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