Should America provide more support for single parents?

  • Yes, they should be helped more.

    Single parents are in desperate need from the community. They tend to end up alone and if the richer folks who have money to buy 40 thousand dollar coats and shoes, just imagine if only 1 very rich person took 1 poor family into their hands and helped them by providing for them, it would help them make it truly. The rich person could benefit by getting a write-off on their taxes for this. The would so much help single parents in all kinds of ways. In this way, both wins.

  • A Hand up, not a Hand Out

    I agree that it's unfair to give handouts to people who won't do anything for themselves. And, yes, there are people who will try to game the system for their own benefit. But, children need certain things to help them develop, good food, shelter, adequate housing and health care, just to name a few. I would rather my taxes go to help people who need it, rather than to bail out corporations who export our jobs or for a bloated military budget that does nothing but enrich arms makers. Cliche as it sounds, children are our future, and all of them deserve a good foundation on which to build their lives. And if a single parent needs help in raising his or her children, then that help should be readily available.

  • Yes. Solid foundations create better parents

    I am not suggesting handouts, but clearly something has to change. It's too expensive to go to school or more would do it. Living on state aide is not the aswer, you can't get ahead. But without the proper tools, you won't get ahead either. Maybe devise a program where it is a fifty/fifty split. Let the individual pay for half and work off the other half teaching or paying it forward in a sense. Habitat for Humanity has a program where home buyers help build the home, why not help build education? President Obama recently challenged colleges to come up with a resonable college tuition program for $10,000 I have three girls, that may actually be resonable for me to reach. But as things are at the moment, my girls will probally be on their own when it comes to paying for college. Ironically our children have to go to school to learn the basics, and can barely do that some days. There are tighter mandates on the schools for what they must learn, but the budget gets smaller and smaller every year. If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, if you teach him how to fish you feed him for a lifetime. No education is truly free, but make it easier to get and more americans may get ahead.

  • The world is a rough place.

    First off, the fathers of "abandoned families," have to give an enormous chunk of their salary to their X wives (or vice versa) I am going to sound like a jurk in the next couple of lines so be be prepared; This world is based on the foundation of kill or be killed, survival of the fittest ect. It is not as bad as it sounds because we as humans have emotion like compassion of love, however when it comes to school and work, if you don't try you fail in life. If a wolf decides to skip hunting for a day, her puppies die. In a world like this one, you really have to rely on yourself and not anyone else to prosper. If the government gives out all of this free stuff, our taxes will rise, nothing is free there is a consequence to all expenditures that are not investments.

  • Your child your problem

    You choose to have children or not and you choose to stay in the relationship or not. While support should be given to children who are down a parent due to death making it easier on irresponsible parents is not the answer. There is also no shortage of support so don't ask the government to do more.

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