Should America remain capitalist (yes) or become socialist (no)?

  • Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness

    I really don’t feel like having my career path laid out for me, Paying more taxes for services I don’t use, And relying on corrupt politicians who use laws to control people. I would rather have corrupt businessmen using policies to persuade people. Because if people don’t like the way they’re using their power (lots of capital and money) then people just don’t buy from them.

  • Capitalism is the only way to pay the bills!

    Someone has to pay for welfare. Someone has to pay for the national debt. Someone has to pay for the military. Someone has to pay for infrastructure. Someone has to pay to feed all the illegal immigrants!

    Capitalism is the only way to generate the wealth needed to spend all this money. Socialism will quickly collapse, as it always has, the minute the incentive to create and accumulate wealth is removed from society. An elite few will figure out a way to stay on top and then everyone else will slip into a life of poverty and mediocrity.

  • Capitalism is the most successful system

    Capitalism believes in ones individual rights of property, labor, and choice in his/hers life, and that the only essential role of government is to protects those individual rights. The fact is that we do not live in a truly capitalist society: FDR has socialized our nation since his introduction of the New Deal, and the closest we ever got to true Capitalism was under Reagan. The economic crises we have had have always happened by government control of the economy, and their failures to micromanage it. Socialism has always failed, from the Kings, Queens, Chiefs, and Emperors in history who claim they have the moral superiority, and make everybody equally poor, to the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea, whom have no rights at all for their people and violate their natural rights because the government has complete authority over ones life and labour.

  • The US is capitalist to the core

    Though it is technically a mixed economy, just like any other economy. The United States economic system is based off of a capitalist system and we shouldn't sway from that. Capitalism is the reason we are number one and the reason we will remain the powerhouse and enforcer we are. As someone famous probably once said, "In capitalism there's the rich and the poor, but in socialism there's the poor and the poorer."

  • It's the lesser of evils.

    It's the lesser of two evils. There are those we think pure socialism or capitalism will work. They are both wrong a balance must exist. However a bigger problem is when ever humans get to together a leader is born even if it's said indirectly this translate on a large scale leaders will exist. Given its about of productivity it's best not to completely get rid of it.

  • America should remain capitalist

    It is important to understand that no country can represent a pure form of either socialism or capitalism. Pure capitalism led to the great depression, and socialism had to step in to save it. Socialism cannot function without international trade, and that is a capitalist market. That considered, Americans are capitalists to the core. Capitalism feeds on greed. Socialism doesn't account for greed. This is why most socialist governments eventually fail. Greed is a human trait that is ever present.

  • Yes, capitalism works.

    Okay, I have to give this question an indirect answer. Or, better yet, I'll address it realistically. The reality is that America is both a capitalist and socialist country. What do you think social security, medicare, and medicaid are? Socialist programs, and very good ones at that. America will continue to be a mixed economy.

  • No question capitalist

    A socialist form of government simply does not work. In theory socialism is better and stronger than capitalism but in the real world with real people capitalism will always win out. People are just not made to flourish in a socialist society. Capitalism should be how America stays now and in the future.

  • Capitalism is the only choice

    A socialist society has been, and always will be, impossible to attain. The idea is utopian. Communist Russia and China were supposedly socialist, but both were dictatorships from the beginning. Any attempt at giving all members of a society an equal voice has quickly degenerated into a one man rule. A utopian society always has been and always will be just a dream.

  • Socialism is a long term societal solution.

    Right now the top one percent controls the U.S. We have tons of people working minmum wage who can barely afford to feed their families and who are constantly in debt. This isn't a way to live, this is scraping by. There is no room for improvement when you start at the bottom. Those at the top will always oppress you to ensure that they are still at the top getting their big paychecks.

  • Socialism inevitably turns to communism.

    Socialism I believe will always turn to comunism for the pure fact of human selfishness. If we rely on the government to take peoples' money and use it fairly to give us what we need and pay themselves what do you thing the democratic burocrats will do? The lackluster care they will give us will inspire more to solve more problems, till we get to unemployment, and private business is dead. In an attempt to make everyone rich you made it impossible to make anyone rich.

  • There is no such thing as a good economic plan.

    The major problem with any economic situation is greed. When you have a capitalistic society, the greed is in the corporations and the super rich. With true socialism, the greed is with the government and the people that want something for nothing. While it is human nature to want more, with a democratic socialistic society, especially in the age we now live with internet and connectivity, it is easier than ever to at least attempt to keep politicians in check. And with our financial futures hanging in the balance, it would be that incentive to ensure that the american people would not be getting screwed. With a capitalistic society, the government stands on the side lines, allowing the big businesses to do what they want and just getting residuals from it.

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