Should America remove psychiatric evaluation, free health care check up and basic education from the deportation process?

Asked by: CapnTechnicolor
  • It should definitely be removed.

    Im sorry, but I want none of my tax dollars helping some illegal get medical care before we ship them back. We can't even help the people legally here. We may be a country made of immigrants, but spending millions to fund medical care for others is just a poor economic plan. This administration already spends stupidly, and this is just another money pit. Enough with the handouts.

  • I do not believe it should be removed.

    I only believe so because we, America are the melting pot so by deporting we are contradicting what we stand for, if they must be deported for a crime that of course is different. Some "immigrants" that come to America seek help for them selves and by doing so we should have our arms wide open. Also in other foreign countries they might not have the proper health care or psychiatric physicians to help them with whatever problem their having.

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