• Digging own grave .

    I strongly feel that , eu and u.S.A should remove the sanctions on the russia . These sanctions placed on russia are actually hampering the growth prospects of the world economy . Being a major supplier of gas and oil russia is actually an important part of the world , needs to be taken seriously in terms of growth prospect. I firmly believe that the u.S.A and eu should find some other options to stop russia rather than hampering growth of the world engine,

  • Waste of time

    Its a waste of time and effort. First off it was a election and should be respected as we are inherently DEMOCRACY. And second off all it is doing is hurting countries. Russia is hurting sure by the Ukraine is hurting. And now so is Greece. Not only that but Russia is holding a 30% stick over ALL of the European union because they supply 30% of there energy. So what happens as you damage the Russian economy? You hurt everyone else. This is just a big mess and needs to stop.

  • Quit being butthurt, America

    I don't know what their problem with Russia is, but who gives a damn. The innocent citizens who has nothing to do with their leader's wrongs are the ones getting affected the most! I don't even have a problem with Russia, their a pretty cool country. QUIT BEING BUTTHURT, AMERICA

    Posted by: J5
  • They "should", but they won't

    Knowing the U.S., they always act like a big bully does in school, pushing and shoving someone and punishing them until they cave, and knowing their policies, they are not likely to remove sanctions just yet. They want Russia to "cooperate" and be able to fulfill its duties in the world peacefully.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Russia Isn't the Big Bad Bear Anymore

    The US's sanctions against Russia are an attempt to contain and subjugate the Eastern European power. The new Ukrainian Government is filled with neo-nazi elements a good reason to not want to be in it. Also the plan to join the EU with most likely contain terrible austerity policies forced upon Ukraine by German, French, British, and Italian interests which many people wish to avoid and instead align themselves with Russia. Russia's policies are also understandable. NATO an organization that was supposed to be for the purpose of keeping Communism out of Western Europe never disappeared after the threat did and today is used to control Russia. NATO members continue to include nations closer and closer to Russia. It would make sense the Russia doesn't want it's largest European neighbor to join.

  • Yes and No

    I put my answer under the "No" section to help balance the poll, but don't get me wrong, I do think that sanctions should be lifted. Albeit under the following circumstances.

    Sanctions shall be removed if:

    - Russia returns the full sanctity of Crimea to Ukraine

    - Russia stops supplying pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine

    - Russia pulls out all special forces and ground troops from Ukraine

    - Russia stops interfering with NATO's admittance processes

    - Russia ceases bomber patrols in the gulf of Mexico and near California

    - Russia ceases illegal submarine activity in Europe

    Seeing as Russia will probably never agree to these terms, so no, sanctions should not be lifted.

  • A variety of reasons.

    Crimea is certainly an important factor in the placement of sanctions on Russia, but it only join a litany of charges against the increasingly volatile state. The country is ruled by a maniac and KGB goon who's political connections with the Russian mafia and former soviet gangsters are well documented. Russia is still a serious threat to the West, as very recently demonstrated by the uncovering of a spy ring in New York, and the re-opening of the Litvinenko murder case, the Russian assassination of an asylum-seeker in England. The list goes on, but the point is that lifting sanctions would do nothing but encourage this rogue state.

    Posted by: Dyre
  • That would be counter productive

    Our government already put a lot of effort into weakening Russia that removing the sanctions would be counter productive. This entire thing between the US and Russia is simply the US trying to prevent Russia from becoming powerful enough to threaten the west again (every nation promotes policy that is ultimately selfish, even if they dress it up in fancy rhetoric like "Promote Freedom and Democracy"). Is this a bad thing? Yes, but its how the world works. If the tables were turned, Russia would do the exact same thing.

    (If Russia wants to end the sanctions it has to be willing to give some ground. If done correctly they may even be able to keep Crimea.)

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