Should America send smarter students to more advanced schools built for them with elite teachers and curriculum?

Asked by: ruberkadoober
  • I support developing different schools for advanced students

    I support this because i have witnessed and read about the shortcomings of public schools. Many gifted and otherwise advanced students are forced to cope with incompetent teachers, curriculum designed to help lower level students pass, and a lack of flexibility in classes. Meaning that a student who is well above their grade level in math is forced to take the class with average students. The new common core curriculum amplifies these problems. The new curriculum allows for almost no flexibility in classes, despite the student's prior knowledge. Teachers even admit that advanced students often sit in their classes doing nothing because they already grasp the material being taught, or they find the practice exercises pointless, due to the fact that common core problems are overcomplicated in order to make students show their work and "challenge" them to use critical thinking skills.(might as well take AP code-breaking with how poorly some of these questions are worded)

  • They need to be challenged!

    I am a student in grade 5,I have an IQ of 125 and i keep learning things I already know. My mom after every school day says "what did you learn today" and I say "nothing I already know." So I am just not being challenged enough some teachers are asking me what shooting stars are and they are just meteorites burning up in the earth's atmosphere I have a periodic table in my room! I know too much about space that I am scared of it I know what can happen any second. So I need to be challenged more and I hope I get submitted into one if they are already made which they are because I just know it and I trust myself ,hope this helps so bye!

  • Not All Classes!

    In my school, we don't have many students. So as a result we don't have AP classes, Concurrent Enrollment Classes or anything like that! I find it fair that we have special schools for those who are more advanced in their learning. This is what I think should happen in schools

  • Yes, that makes sense

    Advanced students do need advanced curriculum that is for sure. Some schools have these but more are needed in the inner city schools for the students that can excel but don't have a chance to. I never thought about a program like this but that makes sense. The country needs this program so we can keep pace with the rest of the world.

  • Horrible idea no equality!

    There are so many classes offered for these advanced students, such as AP classes, Concurrent Enrollment classes. If the gifted student isn't being challenged isn't it the students fault? They don't it is all about the GPA keep that 4.0 and take easy classes. There are so many chances for them to succeed as students. If you take the smarter which are generally the richer you create more of a rift between the social classes.

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