• Yes It Should

    I believe America should spend far less on defense. I believe our defense programs waste untold amounts of money in ways that do not really benefit the program at all. I believe the entire defense department could learn to be more frugal with their decisions and save Americans millions. Secondly, I feel we've spent far too much on our last two wars.

  • Yes, defense spending is out of control.

    Defense spending in the United States is higher than every other country in the world combined, and there is no logical reason for it. The Cold War ended 25 years ago, yet we continue to maintain military installations all over the world for no reason other than policing the globe and making profit for defense contracting companies. There is such an embedded interest by private corporations such as Halliburton, Blackwater, etc. to expand defense spending for profit that they have completely bought and paid for enough of Congress to ensure that nothing will change, and even started a war in Iraq simply to enrich themselves and their stockholders. There are literally billions of dollars wasted every month in defense spending that would be put to much better use domestically.

  • Yes, we should.

    Yes. The United States should definitely spend less money on defense. We spend so much more money than any of the other countries in the world. In fact, we spent an estimated 718 billion dollars on defense. We could be using some of that money to help the poor or to help children get a better education.

  • No it is too important

    There are a lot of things that America spends a lot of money on that are not needed. Defense is not one of them. I think we should spend as much as we need to protect our nation and make sure it is free from attacks of any kind from anyone.

  • And all else

    Defense should be cut, but not as much as so many other sides of the government, and yet it is the only one which has actually faced serious cuts. Defense is at least often spending on jobs and issues that are dire, as opposed to several other huge portions of govenrment.

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