• Learning is what makes us human

    NASA is one of those programs that expands our understanding of the universe and our place in it. Funding it also brings many advancements that may otherwise not come. The internet was invented by a program that was similar to NASA, DARPA. Spending more on NASA will also help us to go out into the stars one day.

  • Science is what makes us a superpower.

    We can go around and say that the US is greatest country in the world. But for what? Because we can wave our own flag? Any country can do that. Because we have the largest economy? Not for long. What makes us a great power is our innovation and scientific capabilities. Our ability to think differently and dare to explore places unknown is what makes us great. So lets take it even further and lets be the first country to find something extraordinary out in space. If we dare hard enough, we might even do some exploring outside our solar system.

  • I think they should.

    I think they should because then we would be able to someday colonize other planets. Then maybe the world wouldn't be so over crowded and then hopefully the crime rate would go down and the world would be more peaceful. Also we could send all the major criminals up to a plant so non-offenders could live with out much fear.

  • The benefits are important.

    What did NASA give us? Forget space travel, what about the Microwave? How many inventions came out of their experiments and research? They are 100% vital to Technological advancement in the US. Besides, space endeavors are important to a nation's pride. When other nations accomplish something in space the US didn't, it hurts morale. Space is important.

  • With what money?

    In America today, with our 17 trillion dollars of debt, why should we spend more and more money on things above our heads, when we have so much financial need closer to home? We need to focus the money spent on NASA on much more relevant issues that will benefit us greater.

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