Should America spend more on defense than the rest of the world combined?

  • Yes Of Course We Do

    Obviously the only way we can ensure that our citizens and resources are safe is to have the strongest military humanly possible. Yes it's true that we spend a lot on our military already, but other countries are also increasing funding to their militaries. The only way we can stay ahead of the curb is by increasing the budget at an appropriate rate.

  • America has the most to lose than other countries

    I believe that we as Americans need to spend whatever is necessary to defend what is ours. Our country is the biggest proudest one of them all. I'm proud to be an American and have the freedoms i have. As an American i feel we need to protect ourselves from the ways of these third word countries. We need to fight for our rights they do not come free.

  • Be truly conservative,

    and say no to the constant wars. Not only do we make ourselves hated by being a warmongering nation, but even if all our enemies got together, they still couldn't stage a successful attack on american soil. We have no REAL enemies. Only China or a nation with nuclear missiles could pose a threat. China has no reason to attack us because we make them wealthy. And if they did attack us, they would lose ties with most of Europe as well. Unless they reach a point where trade with us is unnecessary due to a failing western economy, we dont have to fear them. And if a nation did attack us with a nuclear missile, we could mobilize and destroy that country so fast that they wouldnt even have time to see the news of the nuclear blast on american soil. Missiles would be reigning hell fire as soon as Iran, North Korea, Cuba or which ever nation, launched the warhead.

    It also makes us poorer to spend so much. What we need is a nation that can defend against an attack asap, not a nation that's constantly on the attack.

  • Umm...

    Aren't we already the strongest super power on the face of this planet? No we don't need to increase our spending on military anymore. Either keep our military budget where it is or lower it. Besides... our military is already stronger than the next 7 or 8 strongest military powers combined. If having the amount of nukes, aircraft carriers, tanks, and other weaponry to blow stuff up currently isn't enough... then most likely adding more stuff to our cache of weaponry isn't going to deter any threat to U.S soil.

  • No We Should Not

    Spending that much would be excessive. We have to ask ourselves why we need that much on protection when nobody else in the world does. All of that cash could be spent on something more important, like education or services for those that need help. Having that much defense sounds ridiculous.

  • Definitely not

    There is no reason for the United States to spend that much on defense. We are neither the largest nor the most hated country and even if we were we would not need to spend that much. That money would be better spent elsewhere, such as education, welfare, and infrastructure upgrades.

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