Should America stop giving money to support Israel in the Israeli Palestinian conflict

Asked by: Shebagar
  • Israel is committing war crimes

    Israel has been committing war crimes by killing civilians and putting them on the streets without places to go. And Israel says their giving the civilians a chance to evacuate before the missile strikes when actually they have no one to go because Gaza's borders have been blocked by both Israel and Egypt so they have no where to go. And Israel is most likely invading Gaza because of the natural gas deposits in Gaza they have over 1 trillion square miles of natural gas deposits.

  • Stop giving money to Israel

    Israel spends all of the money on things they don't need because otherwise why would we be giving them 103. 6 billion dollars if they spent in things they need because I know I wouldn't spend that much money on things I need even if I was running a country on my own.

  • What do you fund ?

    Paying so israelis can stay at home and molest here children just isn't right and when you add that to paying for the genocide of the Palestinian people as well as israelis thinking because of the funding you support them YOU ARE FUNDING THEIR SICKNESS and thats totally wrong period

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  • Israel has implemented Apartheid

    Israel is not a nation that warrants further US support. It has implemented apartheid as a way to try to control the Palestinians. Bibi has not been genuine in his negotiations about Paelstinian grievances. And Israel uses US manufactured weapons to maintain control. When Israel stops favoring Ultra Orthodox at the expense of the rest of the population... When Israel allows the Palestinians to live outside of walled off areas.... When Israel is willing to treat others in the manner it hopes Israelis will be treated then we can consider renewing military support. Until l that time comes, military support for Israel is wrong and immoral and un-American.

  • Look at the USA economy the US should pay its debts & save lives

    The USA in $16 Trillion in debt , secondly Israel is using the money to but weapons & kill innocent civilians violating every human right in the book, committing murder 7` genocide & oppressing innocent civilians, so save your money for a better cause. . . .NEED I SAY MORE ?

  • Israel is just as bad as the Nazis were by killing civilians because they think the are part of a terrorist group known as Hamas

    Israel is killing innocent men, women and children all because they think they are part of Hamas. The fact that they are even trying to kill Hamas is wrong as well because Hamas is doing what Gaza and Palestine are not doing and that is defending and protecting innocent civilians by attacking Israel as a warning to stop the bombing which is growing harsh every day. The amount of Israelis died compared to the amount of Palestinians who died. Whoa. We definitely know who the real terrorists are. (Israel)

  • Israel Continues to Commit Humanitarian war crimes

    Israel is constantly committing war crimes in ear by killing many civilians. There excuse is they tell them to evaluate even though the Palestinians are trapped by Egypt and Israel's border blockade. Also On August 4 Hamas and Israel agreed to a 7 hour cease fire then later during the cease fire killed a hamas leader through naval and areal shelling. Their excuse? We agreed to the cease fire but didn't say we couldn't continue fighting in areas where our troops our deployed. Does that not sound like a war crime?

  • Another Jew hater

    Another Jew hater? Here are some facts for you. Pay attention. There will be a quiz. Israel is surrounded by enemies. Many of them have stated that it is their goal to destroy them. Now, put yourself in their shoes. What wouldn't you do to protect your very existence? Those civilians you mentioned? Hamas, and other terrorists organizations, places their missile batteries in populated areas. They actually put them in peoples homes. This is where the majority of civilian casualties come from. Israel has never intentionally targeted civilians. When there are civilian causalities, Israel apologizes for it. Hamas intentionally targets civilians, with rocket attacks, and celebrates when civilians die. And your last comment is so funny, I almost busted a gut. A trillion square miles of natural gas? The total surface area of the Earth is 196,950,000 square miles. How you fit a trillion square miles in there is beyond me. Maybe you went to public school. My condolences.

  • Stop funding the only stable and democratic country in the Middle East?

    America gives money to other screwed up middle eastern countries why should they stop giving to their ally and the only democratic country in the Middle East? What people are really neglecting to mention or are disregarding is that the main thing that America gives money for is the Iron dome which causes no harm whatsoever to Palestinians and does nothing more than DEFEND ISRAELI CITIZENS. So everyone claiming Israel is doing war crimes even if they are true they are completely irrelevant because the USA does not significantly fund them. Their main funding is only to defend Israeli citizens from Hamas rockets.

  • Lets take all the emotionally charged drama out of this

    Israel is surrounded by countries that hate them. Israel is also a close ally of the US ( More so than any other nation over there). Why would the US cut funding to a country that supports and defends our interests? Extremists over there often use civilians as a shield because they know western nations are handicapped with rules. It is a rather brilliant tactic on their part just look at the effects. I promise you that Palestine, Iran, and every other country over there could care less about you and me and could care less about their own civilians.

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