• Yes, tech is the future.

    Technology will be the source of everything in the very near future. It will build our building, produce our products, and take care of our elderly. Pretty soon we will have so many jobs unavailable due to technology, but we should still strive to have more because it is so efficient.

  • It would help the economy.

    Yes, America should strive to have more tech manufacturing, because all manufacturing is a good thing. Also, this would be helpful to our economy in that technology is the manufacturing base of the future. This would provide lasting jobs for people in America. We should make the things that we produce and design.

  • Yes, America should strive to have more tech manufacturing.

    I think that tech manufacturing is something that will be one of the most important industries in the future. It is something that will always be profitable in terms of the companies who run it. Having more tech manufacturing factories here in America will also of course create more jobs.

  • Yes, less services the better

    We need a progression back to the way things use to be. You can't have a country that runs mainly off of services. The issue is bringing them back, its going to be hard. Our laws and cost of labor is out of control compared other countries,but its a better place to work, compared to 3rd world nations.

  • Low paid jobs? No thank you.

    Manufacturing jobs are not relevant in 21st century United States. In order for technology manufacturing to be profitable, it has to be done at low wages. It's grueling work. That's why we sent it off to China. That's just not the kind of work we need or want in this country.

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