• Yes, US should make an unambiguous stand for the rights of people to self-determination

    It's a basic human right to determine one's own system of government. Bahrain has been denied this for hundreds of years starting with the invasion of the Al Khalifa pirates who came from Saudi Arabia originally and imposed their brutal rule on the people of Bahrain. Then the colonialist British imposed their rule there and used the Al Khalifa as their puppets.
    All the people want is a chance to determine their own future with a democratic system of representatives they choose for themselves.

  • If They Want It

    I believe America should support democracy in Bahrain. I believe democracy can be a good system of government but it's not free of corruption and it's certainly not a Utopian option. For that reason, I don't feel it should be forced onto nations, it should be something they choose to pursue.

  • Yes, the US should.

    The USA should support democracy everywhere, because, as it stands right now, this is the best form of government to have. There are various forms of democracy, such as democratic republics, but there should be some sort of democracy in every country that exists. It's the fairest way for the people.

  • America should support democracy in Bahrain

    Since international relations function best when governments have like minds and attitude, it is beneficial to the United States to support democracy in Bahrain. By supporting the establishment of another democratic country, the United States can contribute to the strengthening of the relationship between all democratic nations worldwide and potentially develop another ally in the event of future conflict.

  • Yes, I think America should support democracy in Bahrain.

    I think that whenever democracy is an option then America should push that country to adopt it, democracy is one of the best forms of Government that exists in the world today because it gives the citizens a voice in their Government, I think the US should encourage Bahrain to support democracy but it should not use military force in any matter to try to achieve this.

  • Yes, Its important for american national interest to support democracy

    There are many benefits for supporting democracy in Bahrain. Some of these include more economic freedom, stronger and more stable government and tighter social and cultural similarities associated with having a democracy. Supporting democracy not only promotes such fundamental American values, but improves human rights, like the right to vote,religious freedom, and worker rights.

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