• They're our ally.

    Need I say more? Israel is one of the few Middle Eastern nations that truly likes us. If Israel falls we have no real friends in the region. Saudi Arabia only likes us for our money. Israel and America have more than just economic ties. Social, historic, religious, and political ties are are important in the long run. Losing Israel would be a tragic loss.

  • Israel is a Democracy in the midst of Totalitarianism

    Firstly, Palestinian problem is a fake grievance as they are the highest beneficiaries of humanitarian aid from a whole lot of NGOs including the EU. Yet, the PLO have misused the money and are building posh hotels and resorts in Gaza. What a shocker! While ordinary Palestinians are languishing in abject poverty.

    Secondly, the word Palestinian is a "misnomer"..In fact there are no credible proof that present Palestinians are the ethnic inhabitants of Palestine. Palestine as such is a geographical location. The only credible explanation is that these so called Palestinians are actually Arabs from the other Islamic nations who happened to settle there after the Jews were exiled from Jerusalem back in AD 71. The funny thing is that those who so called themselves Palestinians were Jordanians before 1948.When they lost the war of independence to the Jews, they suddenly became Palestinians overnight!!

    Thirdly, the Arab and Western media are biased to the hilt. They have never highlighted how Jews living in Arab countries were being persecuted...Especially those from Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Saudi, Syria, Jordan, etc. All this never reported.

    Fourthly, nations who are anti-Israel are blind to fact that 80% of Palestinian are suffering not because of the Israelis..It because of Hamas, PLO and Al-Fatah who kidnapped and kill their own people due to rivalry or on the pretext of mere suspicions. The Palestinians live in fear of their own so called freedom fighters. In many of the conflicts these coward Hamas would hide among Palestinian children firing at Israeli soldiers.

    Fifthly, the so called economic blockade of the occupied territories is a BIG SHAM. Is the media even aware that Israel sends 1000 trucks load per week to the Palestinian territories. Israel brings to Gaza and West Bank FREE food every day, plus construction materials, even plasma TVs and cars. Over 40 thousands tons of it. All donated by taxpaying Israelis!! Shame on all those who call Israel an apartheid state.

    Sixth, Israel never discriminates. There are Arab (men/women) serving in the Israeli Army. They serve on their own free will. How do I know that?? Because there is a law in Israel that exempt minorities from military service. But many Arabs join on their own free will for which the Israeli Government cannot reject them. If you want to see religious discrimination blatantly displayed...Go to the Arab nations. For instance, there is this highway in Saudi Arabia,the one that leads to Mecca which has been divided into two lanes (signboard above shows clearly one for the Muslim and the other non-Muslim). Think again.

    Seventh, what I cannot understand it that how the Arab world cry foul over Israel atrocities.When they (Sunni and Shias) are busy killing one another in the Arab nations. The Arab nations have huge tract of lands. Why don't they accommodate the Palestinian refugees if they are so bloody concerned?? Well the truth is that they (Arab nations) are only using the Palestinian as cannon fodder in the war against Israel.

  • We need to support israel

    Some of our oil producers, our ally. We need to stop the nuclear weapons over there because if we don't they will bomb and then world war 3 will start. Every country practically has nuclear weapons now and they will be set off and the world would then be ash. Yes Israel has millions and millions of our money for aid and yes we have troops dying; so there are flaws for supporting them but not enough to not back them up.

  • yes

    America should help to resolve the issue in middle east specially for several reason. First, Isreal is an ally of United State. Secondly, US should find the way to stop nuclear weapon in Iran. Finally, Being a supper power it is their responsibility to bring peace in the nation. On the other hand hammas and iran is not only the threat of middle east , but also a threat to western countries. With regard to provide assistance to isreal it is better if the suffering countries through peace process otherwise action could be alternative to restore peace.

  • Israel should support State of Israel

    Israel has the right to defend itself from surrounding hostile Arab countries, Israel needs US support to protect itself. If Arabs put down the weapons there will be peace in the region, but if Israel put down weapons State of Israel will be wiped out of the map. Israel needs foreign military aid to defend itself.

  • We have no choice

    Israel has a total of 75-200 nuclear weapons that could be used to attack the United States and their allies. That could start a World War 3. And unless Israel is kept under regulation (aka America check in on their plans 'cause they are their allies) Israel could bomb all the countries in the Mid East. They have more than 10 atomic bombs. That is more than 10 giant cities getting destroyed. Plus, them being allies helps to boost the US economy because of the trade and oil routes it provides.

  • We need to support israel

    Israel is a great ally, nevertheless they live by the Mediteranean Sea, big oil country,by are enemies which are all pros. They do start stuff with other countries and take us for granted but they have done us some good. They provide us with oil and help us transport materials across the sea.

  • Our Only Reliable Middle East Ally

    Israel is both our only reliable middle east ally and the only middle east democracy. Its neighbors outnumber it in population 100 to 1 and are outspokenly dedicated to its elimination from the face of the earth. Our support deters attack just as it deters North Korean attack on South Korea, Chinese incursion on Asian countries, Russian incursion on Europe, etc.

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  • Self preservation needs no explanation I stand with Israel

    As a Christian I have strong religious views supporting aid to Israel. All religion aside for you liberals there are many other plausible reasons to help Israel. You liberals are always talking about helping those who suffer well Israel has been at war since it's creation and is the only safe haven in the middle east for the Jews. And is our only stable ally in the middle east. Yes we have helped and supported Israel but they have helped us as well because that's what allies do.

  • Let's Listen to Washington

    George Washington himself told us that we should never get involved with other countries. That was his foreign policy, to mind our own business. Why we deviated from that, I will never know. America should solve its own problems before even thinking of helping other nations. Especially Israel, which, in my opinion, should have never been created. The U.N gave away land that wasn't theirs to a group of people who abandoned their land.

  • Too Much Foreign Aid Given to Religious Theocracy

    Billions of dollars in foreign aid goes to Israel. Why? To maintain a foothold in the Middle East to further America's interest in foreign sources of oil. If a crisis breaks out, the United States needs an ally to protect oil interests. Israel is obsessed with defending itself at all costs as they have been since 1947. When America becomes energy independent from the Middle East, support for Israel should wane into nothingness.

  • Israel is a terrorist nation.

    America should never support a terrorist organization, regardless of what fake God they claim signed their permission slip. Israel has stolen the land of another people and proceeded to torture and systematically eliminate the people they violated. Israel does not have even one legitimate claim to Palestine. They have never had a presence in Palestine as the controlling party, and they lack all compassion for their fellow man. The Palestinians have allowed the Jews to live in their nation, under their protection at least 3 separate times in history. Interesting thing is that until the 1940s, war never broke out between the two nations. The moment Israel gets control they start to strip everything from these people that supported them when push came to shove. They have been bullying and terrorizing the Palestinians for 70 years. A nation with those credentials? Let them destroy themselves.

  • America should not support Israel!

    Okay, I admit that both sides are guilty for making the war go longer, but Israel is killing way more Palestianians then Hamas is killing Israelis. Plus they deported a lot of blacks and don't say they are just removing illegal immigrants because they just removed black ones. AND THEY DON'T GIVE EQUAL RIGHTS!

  • America should support America

    America should never be bound to any foreign power whatsoever. America should look after its own interests first and not get involved in foreign conflicts all over the globe. While America should continue to cooperate and trade with Israel, it should stop giving them a 'blank check'. Let Israel and its neighbors fight their own battles.

  • Absolutely not

    The "look the other way regarding literally everything" mentality is ridiculous and what is currently going on. Israel is run by essentially war criminals, while nobody including myself is going to go ahead and call Hamas the good guys, presenting Israel as such is disgraceful. They're just as bad if not worse and blindly standing by them as the murder innocents while bragging about it on social networking sites is stomach turning.

  • Stop - period!

    Entangling alliance must end just as George Washington advised in his "Farewell Address" to our nation. Torah True Jewry oppose the zionazis colonial entity because zionazism and Judaism are opposites.
    The injustice to innocent Palestinian People must end - NOW - PERIOD!
    Http://www.Realjewnews.Com/?Cat=363 Israel as apartheid regime must end. STOP!

  • Stop supporting Israel, will stop all the terrorist attacks.

    Since 1949, we Britain and America kept supporting Israel and neglected the Palestine and its people. And turned blind eye to Israel illegal occupation of Palestinians lands for its new settlers and keep killing Palestinians women and children. And Muslim world didn't like that. And that led to some fanatic Muslims becoming terrorists.

  • Stop with the aid

    We need to stop wasting money on others and take care of our people at home. With the billions that we have wasted on Israel we could have improved the lives of so many here in America in what is supposed to be the greatest country. By not giving them any more aid we would also make it harder for them to continue taking land from others, and some of the people there who don't like their leader would rise up when they see how he only cares about a select few.

  • Supporting Israel is WRONG.

    The Jewish argument is that their (imaginary) god told them that this piece of inhospitable land belongs to them indefinitely. So they have fought tooth-and-nail for this grotesquely childish tenant. This is an insane proposition and I cannot believe how anyone takes them seriously. Apart from the ridiculous beliefs that they have, and their poor choice in territory, they have committed acts of genocide and numerous human rights violations. They seem to use the Holocaust as an excuse as to why they can do the same to anyone else. Anyone that supports a genocidal, insane, barbaric people is either an idiot or a psychopath.

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