• Don't Forget History.

    It's important not to forget the very foundation of America. Refugees who sought religious liberty from the government of England, that oppressed them and choked their spiritual beliefs with the whip of tyranny. These people were illegal immigrants, they stormed the front of western territories and slaughtered the largest number of humans who have died in a genocide in human history. Over one-hundred million Natives died, many were enslaved and raped by the white European Christians. But did the Natives reject the European settlers when they first arrived? No. Instead, they were betrayed for their display of generosity and the greedy colonists decided to kill them off.

    The Syrians are no different, they are innocent people - millions of families, trying to flee the nation to escape the terrorism of ISIS. They are not looking to come to different nations to spread the Islamic State, they are looking to isolate it. America was founded on the concept of diversity and the people, so why not act on that? The Syrians are potential dedicated workers and contributors of the restoration of the American Dream and Frontier, which have both died over the past few decades, along with the thinning of the middle class. Syrian immigrants can help restore the American economy, and can help prove to the rest of the world that America can regain its touch. But instead, greedy fear-mongering conservatives have taken up the decision to deny these people access into their land solely because they fear the radical intrusion of skewed Islamic beliefs. Yet, there are politicians in the GOP telling the American people to accept the Christian refugees, not the Muslim ones. It is a matter of religious intolerance, and it must be stopped.

  • History can and will repeat itself

    America has always had one of the largest immigrant populations in the world; it's also always had one of the largest populations of bigots. We can thank the immigrants for such advances as radio and the shopping mall, and the bigots for such steps back as the GOP and the KKK. But one thing is certain: the day America stops accepting immigrants is the day it goes from a conservative democracy to a totalitarian state. If no one can enter, then I can leave.

  • Yes we should

    Do it. Don't listen to the orange. He can't even keep the government open. He sux. Bad hair=bad person. America america america america america america amercai amercia america america america america amerioca america america america land of the freeeeeee america america america let them in. Don't build a wall that can be climbed over with a ladder.

  • Were all human

    I believe that we all should welcome everyone. We should all be treated free and equal and welcome everyone to our country. If not, we wouldn't be following through on how our country was formed and created. We wouldn't be where we are today without illegal immigrants. It's something that we need to allow.

  • Is this really how you excuse your racism?

    There is so much racial profiling going on in this debate, and I'm ashamed of it.

    To start. ISIS would be foolish to send terrorists over in the form of refugees. It takes between one and three YEARS for a refugee to be processed.
    "Oh, radical Muslim friends, we need to infiltrate America to ruin them! Lets use a slow and ineffective process so we can attack them between one and three YEARS later!"
    What kind of strategy is that? Even then, the terrorists would be stopped by one of the many, many background and security checks.

    And why would ISIS even send terrorists over?? Most terrorist attacks come from citizens of that country, blinded by the propaganda of the terrorists, not from the terrorist country themselves. (And lets be real, we've given them plenty of propaganda! Looking at you, Donald Trump).

    And can we stop blaming Muslims for all of our terrorist attacks?? First of all, 9/11 wasn't done by Muslims. The "radical devote Muslims" who attacked us on 9/11 were in fact decidedly not radical, or devote. In fact, they spent the week prior to the attack enjoying "prohibited pleasures", breaking the religion they were ready to die for?

    Its this kind of bigotry that makes me ashamed to be American around my friends from other countries. We are one of the last first-world countries who is clinging to this kind of bigotry.

  • Most of the refugees are people just like you and me

    Think of it this way. What if the U.S. wasn't as good as it supposedly is today. What if a rogue terrorist group was blatantly murdering everyone who disagreed with their views right here in our nation. You would probably want to escape your country and go somewhere better, right? As far as you know, you've done nothing wrong, and just want to be a person. There are already terrorists in America, a few more isn't going to change anything. Put yourself in their place and think.

  • Should America take in Syrian Refugees? Yes.

    United states is a country which is famous for democracy and freedom of the people. In a country where there is a lack of freedom and more of suppression it give rise to a migration of the oppressed people. These oppressed people has a hope that country like the USA will provide them the much required succor. However, this immigration should be strictly regulated so that the people who have an ulterior motive can be prevented from carrying out their act of violence. We can not apply the same stick to the general population and sweep them with the same broad stroke. Hence I am of the opinion that United States should be the torch bearer of freedom and protection of the human rights.

  • Over population and business dept

    If to many come in there could be over population and there is not enough houses for them to live in and they could end on the streets for a few weeks or so. Business dept there could be to many and then there are to many business and the other old businesses might not get anymore customers because the new businesses will over power

  • They are an economical dead weight

    According to an article by Reuters, only 13% of all refugees in Germany (whom open the door to over a million refugees) have found employment. These people not only are economical dead weights to the societies they enter, but also are ungrateful. Their propensity to demand sharia law is proof of intolerance to western ideals. Why should the West bend over backwards to accommodate a swarm of ingrates who cannot accept our way of life.
    Also, it is more than a coincidence that crime has been skyrocketing ever since refugees were beginning to be accepted. Along with terrorism.

    America has enough troubles as is, we do not need more

  • We need to know who they are

    To many attacks from the Syrian refugees in other countries the radical Islam terriost have work into the refugees and are using them as cover to plant the terriost into other countries to carry out evil it is not right to risk American lives to take a risk like that American kids would get killed

  • They're terrorists can't you see?

    Seriously guys come on now I mean you must know by now how dangerous middle eastern folks are, 9/11 the Paris attacks all those things prove just how stupid and idiotic Syria and Iraq and all the other middle eastern countries are. If we accept Syrian Refugees, then ISIS will soon have easy access to our country and terrorize it. Let me ask you this people on the yes side. Is that really what you want, for the U.S. to swept right off the map?

  • It's a good idea until...

    Really guys? I mean we should let people into our country when we know that their government will send in terrorists to kill Americans? The Satirical Anarchist said that the Natives didn't reject European settlers, and they didn't, but what happened to them? Just like the Satirical Anarchist said, they got overran and driven out! So wait, why wouldn't the Syrians do the same thing? Oh, because not enough of them are being let in! Well the first "English Refugees" only came in a small amount of 102. There are already more than that many Syrian refugees in America right now!

    Also, I understand that it is extremely unfortunate for the refugees themselves, and I do not agree that Christian refugees should be taken and not Muslim, because it is wrong to judge someone just because of their religion, they could just be saying they are Christian or (My Friend's Conspiracy Theory Here) They are secretly and unknowingly carrying a disease developed by ISIS to kill everyone here in a deadly Biological War.

  • The risk is greater than the reward.

    I can see where the other side is coming form. I understand there points, but we needs to focus on our selves in this situation. There will be no value to us if these refugees come in. There is only risk. Risk Risk Risk. The United States has to protect us before Syrians.

  • Terrorists might sneak in

    After the Paris terror attacks, The G20 summit have been talking about the attack and wondering if they could allow Syrian refugees because of one or a groups of terrorist(s) like ISIS can sneak into the U.S. border and start a random attack on American soil the last attack on American soil was the September 11 attacks which killed 2000 people and *cough* *cough* Congress declare war on Iraq because of that situation. (Setting an example): Imagine you're in Times Square in New York City relaxing, having a good time until a bomb went off in the middle of Time Square at least 50 people was injured 100 people was killed. ISIS and other terrorists groups are trying to test us or lose our guard for a second. Like when ISIS threaten the U.S. on the 4th of July they're testing us for the real day to come. In my opinion the Department of Homeland Security or the Department of Defense need to step their game if the U.S. is going to accept Syrian Refugees

  • Just how advanced is America's database on these refugees?

    Lets not make this anything other than what it is. America is great, America is the most culturally diverse place on the Earth. We have allowed the mass expression of opinion, religion and cultural diversity. But, in the face of terrorism, radical Islam in particular, just how safe is it to bring these Muslims in? Quite frankly, we have little information on these people because of the Syrian War and it seems unreasonable to place them in favor of immigration to America just because they have suffered. Some may view it as selfish, but Americans need to be ready to answer this question, "are you willing to risk your family, your loved ones, and yourself" for the risk of one of these individuals being a radicalised Muslim? We simply do not have enough information on these people. I feel for them, but as a parent, I feel worried about allowing someone in who may want to hurt people. "You buy a bag of M&Ms and one is poisoned, do you still eat the whole bag?". We know ISIS will try to get in to the US via this refugee crisis, that alone, is a fact.

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