Should America take over Canada and mexico to get more land?

Asked by: TheFinalDecider
  • Ha ha ha!

    Naw, i'm just kidding! I only did this side to make ppl look at the argument cause it would be strange if i ACTUALY thought that we need centural america and canada. HAHAHA! Isn't that funny? Now i need 10 more words before i can submit this opinion! I'm almost-!

  • Yes we should

    We would no longer need to manage a border with Canada and since they already speak the same language and share a similar culture it would be relatively easy to merge the two populations. Not to mention the wealth of resources.

    With regard to Mexico, we could resolve a wide variety of problems (although it would take some time) such as a variety of immigration issues, border security and issues with the cartels. Cultural assimilation could be problematic, but would be worth it in the end and benefit both sides with an economic boom bringing things like infrastructure to Mexico along with higher wages that would then be subject to U.S. law. Finally by allowing the U.S. easier and more direct access to both Canada and Mexico we would more easily be able to bolster the new combined economy it would be easier to ensure global dominance over other powers or collaborations throughout the world (ie China, The EU and Russian Federation etc.).

  • Yes we should

    There would be less land to protect around the border because Mexico's northern border is way bigger than their southern border so it would cost less to build a wall and patrol it than it is currently costing us and taking over Canada would completely wipe out a northern border of the US because there wouldn't be another country above us. Plus we can make them pay taxes and heavily improve the lives of millions of people by adding these two countries to America's great empire.

  • Make america great again

    We should take over Canada because they have bacon, syrup, and moose. We should take over mexico because then we wont have to build a wall and that will save us a lot of money. P.S. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. Lets make america a bigger and stronger nation by getting more land ;)

  • We need to support mexican immigrants

    It seems that every mexican wants to come to america. They have to go through many borser security and citizenship tests. Instead of making them come here, lets take america to them. Well take america TO them and allow them all to file for citizenship. Its honestly a public service.

  • Don't need them.

    Not sure what they mean by "take over" as it could imply either by force or that they want us to take the wheel by incorporating them into our country. Either way, no thanks.
    For the most part, the issue with having Canada is that it is just too cold. Because of a much shorter growing season, not much can be grown in Canada besides some grains.
    -Another reason is habitability. Tho the summer may be fine, whether wise, the winters are much worse so would not be much good for year round living unless your use to it like those that already live there.
    -Yet another reason is proximity with Russia. If the U.K. wants to put their citizens at risk to a direct attack, okay but I would rather have a bigger cushion between us and them.
    -But what about Alaska? If not for its oil supplies, I would say we should just let Canada have it. Maybe one day the oil will run out or we may switch to another source of fuel. Sure, it also has a fishing industry and a military advantage in case of attack but I don't see a problem with importing fish from Canada and the U.K. is an ally so they would probably let us still use the bases for join military purposes.
    As far as Mexico is considered, it just has too many Mexicans. No, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with the Mexican race but they have their own culture that is different than our own. If they became part of the U.S. we would have a huge culture clash. We already have examples of that now with immigrants legal and not.
    -Unlike European immigrants, those from south of our border then to bring their entire culture with them. When my ancestors got here, one of the first things they wanted to do was blend in as quickly as possible. They learned the language and customs in order to be looked at as Americans instead of foreigners. Hispanics, on the other hand don't tend to do that. Instead of learning our language, they expect us to learn theirs. I could see if it was a border area where tourists and trade may come into play but I also see it up here in the northern part of the U.S.
    -Case in point: I remember reading an article in the paper where a woman had legally immigrated to California. After living there for about a dozen years, she moved up here near the Chicago area. In the article, she stated how more businesses should have bilingual employees to help those who don't understand English. Sorry but up here, we are closer to French Canada yet you don't here them complaining.
    -It is not just their language but their culture. I could go on but I am running out of space.

  • I hope you are fucking kidding

    I know that I am in non-American minority on this website, but i hope you are trolling because you cannot just say "Attack Mexico and Canada just cuz ... Murca"
    And your wording is interesting to say the least "... Take over Canada and Mexico...", it sounds like they would have a vote in parlament and give their land to the US to experience all the freedom you can eat.
    "All the freedom you can eat" - DT 2016

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