• American should withdraw from Afghanistan

    I think America should begin to withdraw from Afghanistan. The country is still not wanting help from us as they still let the Taliban control their areas and attack the peacekeepers. They are a country that does not want to change and wants to keep their lives as it was before we moved in.

  • Terrorism is not a location

    America's war on terror cannot be own from occupying one country. Let alone the geographic challenges of Afghanistan. This methodology is not working. We need to try a different route and withdraw from the zone. I have been to Afghanistan, we are taking two steps back for every half step forward. Time to try a different tactic.

  • Yes, America should withdraw from Afghanistan.

    I think that America should withdraw from Afghanistan. I do not think that there is any more reason for the United States of America to continue stay in Afghanistan. I think that it is time for the USA to leave the country and focus their funds and efforts to other parts of the world.

  • They are wasting the tax payers hard earn money.

    The United States Government has spent will over a billion dollars since the war has begun. We could of use that money to rebuild poor inner cities in America. Imagine if we would use that money for our educational system? The war was a waste of time and a waste of the tax payers money. The United States government could sent the United States Marshal Service to hunt for their target because they're are trained to target fugitives.

  • America should not withdraw from Afghanistan.

    America should not withdraw from Afghanistan. America should stay in Afghanistan until a stable government can be put into place in that country. If America were to withdraw from Afghanistan before ensuring a stable government is in place, there could be a high rate of violence between various tribes in the country.

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