Should American citizens be more educated about Canadian citizens and vice versa?

Asked by: alphafailed
  • I'm neutral about this...

    I guess due to a higher population than Canada, the US should be higher in education than Canada. But if I were to walk up to a Canadian person (I am American) I wouldn't think I would be smarter or in any way better than them. ( In all honestly I only came here because I saw that you used Hetalia fan art for the header, not sure if that was on purpose or not but yay)

  • Yes, it's way out of hand for two such close neighbors.

    Sometimes it's just lighthearted fun, like Canadian Bacon, which pokes fun at both sides, but it's really out of hand when people get harassed by Canadian police officers because they're American. There seems to be a lot of anger against us by a lot of countries just because have been one of the only ones willing to stand up to people who ACTIVELY ANNOUNCE THEY WANT US ALL DEAD. I can't speak for the average Canadian, but the average American certainly seems to live in a shell. An active Canadian/American worker and student exchange program may be in order. It would be so easy.

  • Mostly stereotypes, not much else...

    I have a friend at school who can't go one day without slamming the USA and it's citizens. Be it about Obamacare, or who started WW1 (fancy taking a guess who he blames?), or even how arrogant Americans are in general! I find this a major issue, since Canadians aren't all that different. There can be polite Americans, and there can be arrogant Canadians (and there ARE arrogant Canadians, though arrogant is the most polite word I can use for them). We neighbor the border, so it should be no surprise that there really isn't much of a difference between us. It's a sad day when I walk into a drug store in USA, mention I'm Canadian, and the clerk asks if I'm speaking my native language. We really should be more educated on these matters.

  • Enough of these darn ignorant Canadians!

    I think American's know a bit more than Canadians. Canadians think they are so smart and have the best hockey players and stuff. But American NHL teams have had a streak of Stanley Cups for over 2 decades! Also, we Americans have a better army.

    Canada is a cold frigid land where people speak french. Why should we Americans be forced to learn about their culture. Sure, I don't know the names of any States in Canada. But, why should I be forced to learn about them.

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Ps any hetalia fans out there? If so, the picture is for you guys!