Should American flags continue to be treated better than a newborn child?

Asked by: bananaunicorn4
  • Nation vs. Kid

    An entire nation is more important than a child. For the millions sent to war, getting shot and losing their family, the flag is a sign of hope and and perseverance. It shows a lot more than a birth of a child. Plus, birth happens more often now, so our faith and America and our veterans is bigger and less used.

  • I am saying yes because the above statement is untrue and I don't want to say no to agree with you.

    In your argument you are saying that people have to follow the regulations that have been set down for use of the United States flag and that isn't true. There are two supreme court cases in particular that found this unconstitutional and unpunishable.
    Texas v. Johnson
    United States v. Eichman

    So you are right that it is unconstitutional but you are wrong in assuming that just because people treat the flag with respect it deserves the government is forcing them.

    And what was with the newborn child comment?

  • It should be treated with the respect that those who died defending it deserve.

    The flag is more than just piece of cloth you hang for decoration, it is a symbol of our nation. Imagine this, you are part of one army going into battle against another. Everyone around you has a gun and seeks cover, but not you. You are holding the flag. Even though you stand out like a sore thumb and are unarmed, you hold that flag with pride. Even though you are making yourself into a target, the men around you would rather be the one with the flag and if you should fall, before the flag hits the ground, someone will race to grab it. If you can't continue, they will gladly take your place with the flag. That is the kind of respect you SHOULD have for the flag and the people who died defending it. The thing you see as a useless piece of cloth, many people have fought and died defending. Why don't you just go to a military graveyard and spit on all the graves while your at it.
    It is not against the law but it is against the flag code. The First Amendment allows it because it is covered under the Freedom of Speech. To me, the message someone would give by disrespecting the flag is that they do not wish to be American. By all means, defect. See how things go in other countries where you may not have the freedoms you do here.

  • Americans seem to worship their flag

    It's really just a piece of material. In my country were are not so patriotic and many people even want to change the flag.

    Americans have rules that separate the church and the state and there is no religion allowed in their schools yet patriotism in their schools is just like religion. They say the pledge of alliegence every morning and salute the flag. How is this different to praying to a god.

  • American pride is to extensive

    First of all, I do find that flag a bit offensive. I do believe that countries should respect their and every other countries' mascots. I don't believe that mascots should be worshiped. I don't believe that anything should be worshiped. Americans probably have to much respect for their country, and I think the time for a revolution is here.

  • Patriotism is the last refuge of a...Well, you know the rest...

    The more one honestly studies the United States and it's history the more one will realize the flag stands for nothing. 300 years of tyranny is what that flag represents. Tyranny against Blacks, against Native Americans, against their own people, against people in other countries...Time and time again.

    The flag is nothing without the country behind it and the country behind this flag is a wolf in a sheep's clothing. There is very little to be proud of as an American.

    Moral of the story: Move to Canada! It's great!

  • There are many flags, but there people are one of a kind

    For some reason that I don't get, everyone has to follow these rituals for displaying an american flag. It isn't like it's the only American flag, it is one of very many. People should be able to lower to half mass whenever they see fit, seeing how they are the owners. And why does it have to be folded a special way? It is unconstitutional to force people to treat American flags the way that the government says.

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kbub says2014-04-18T00:54:56.760
I highly doubt American flags are treated better than a newborn child.