Should American flags have to be made in America

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • All national flags should be made in the country they represent.

    A made in China American flag is not exactly a lie, but there is something really unsettling about it. It makes you wonder, if the flag is a product of a whole different country, what else we recognize as American is not just that? The flag represents not only the geographical borders of the country, or the political body,mor the people. It's a symbol of all the small things that make a nation, and those things cannot be made by foreigners, because they're not traditionally connected with them. A national flag is the common denominator, it's a banner under which we feel safe and at home. Having it made in a foreign place is borderline offensive to the people who value it as something more than just a piece of cloth.

  • It's OUR flag...

    Seriously, we are having other countries make our flags? We need to be proud of our flag, in needs to be made in America. Even though it's just fabric, it represents our country, and everything about it. Why should our symbol be made in another country? I don't think so.

  • All American is a good thing

    I think it would be nice for flags of the United States to be made in the United States. And it's not virtually impossible; over the next several years, develop a fabric that can be mass produced; plus think of how many jobs would be created. Just imagine the benefits we could reap off of that.

    Posted by: S.K
  • At least American flags should have to be made in America

    We already have this requirement for flags used on military installations so why not make this a general requirement. American flags should be manufactured in America, NOT China. When I buy an American flag I want to be supporting America. It reflects poorly that most American flags are made in China. Requiring them to be made in America will increase jobs.

  • It's fabric, man.

    It is worth nothing more than a bunch of colored fabric stitched together and I think people should realize that before bowing down to it. Regardless of where it was made; China, Indonesia, Russia, America; we would still be mindlessly following the flag anyway. At least with our blind loyalty to the flag now, there's a bit of hilarious irony in the fact that it was made by a country that owns us, I think that's cause to keep it like it is.

  • It's a symbol of our countries strength if our flag is being made in other countries.

    What does that say about American when our flags are being manufactured and reproduced all over the world? It says we are strong, our flag is popular, people love and respect us all over the world. We should be proud that other countries are producing our flags. Do you think many countries are producing Somalia's flag?? No offense to Somalia, but I'll bet not many places make Somalia's flag besides Somalia. To have other countries produce our flag is a sign of strength, it means we are influential domestically and abroad. If you're an American and go abroad and see the American flags being displayed by Americans you will understand the feeling.

    No, American flags shouldn't be made only in American, they should be made in every country.

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