• Yes it should

    America should only have their flags made there. I always see flags made in China,Canada, and once Slovakia.I was lucky to find one made in America. How is it an American flag if it isn't made in the US of A. Seriously, whenever i see am American flag made in America, I feel like I'm seeing a Chinese-American flag.

  • Flags are not just pieces of fabric

    Flags are symbols of what a country stands for. They are to be treated with respect, and honored because of the ideals they portray. Not saying making another countries flag for them is being disrespectful, but personally I would prefer a flag made in my own country to someone else's, and I think other people would agree.

  • That's ridiculous; bad economics

    Do the words "free market" ring a bell?

    A flag is an object and a commodity. They are produced and sold just like all other commodities. Why should be place restrictions on the production of a commodity that plenty of people enjoy and want to buy? If production is limited to a single country, prices will increase and less people will have access to the product. If the American flag is so special to you, then you should be glad that people all over the world get to see it.

    Though having less flags around would make Americans a little less creepy :P

  • If you don't want very expensive flags, no.

    There is a reason why processes like outsourcing an foreign factories are used. It's cheap. The modern company doesn't consider what will make the company look "most american" but rather how they can save money. The foreign countries, with lower minimum wages and low export tax, prevent massive labour and transport costs which occur in the developed world. Now, if a company wants to make flags in the USA, they can do so, but making it legislation not only increases costs, but also is a breach of the USA's free market policy. And as we are led to believe, they are the country of "freedom".

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