Should American food companies be fined for the recent China meat scandal?

  • Well they are american companies

    Of course that these companies must be fined by the scandal, since they are American trans national companies and they must comply with the laws of every country in which they make presence. So, the question here must be what is the Chinese government waiting before making them pay for this.

  • The U.S. played their part

    Yes, the American food companies should be fined and held accountable for their part in the recent China meat scandal. Everyone involved needs to stand up and be counted and restore the public's faith by pledging to do whatever is necessary to ensure there is no repeat of this utterly disgraceful contamination of our food source.

  • No Knowldege, No Punishment

    American food companies should not be fined for the recent China meat scandal. If the food companies had no knowledge about the meat being expired, there is nothing they could have done to prevent its sale. The company which knowingly provided the expired meat should be fined, and more international regulations should be put in place to ensure that this does not happen again.

  • We can't control everything.

    No, American food companies should not be fined for the most recent China meat scandal, because it would be a big problem for the meat companies. We can't do everything perfectly, and we don't want the result to be that these companies are put out of business. They should just be able to correct their problems.

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