• American Football should undoubtedly be in the Olympics

    American Football is currently played in over 80 countries, and was first invented in the mid 1800s, before the modern Olympics even began. Hardly the most dangerous sport (with the inclusion of boxing and rugby) the Olympics could be an exciting addition to Summer Olympics. Hockey, for example, only fielded 8 teams in the men's Sochi tournament. (USA, Russia, Canada, Czech Republich, Slovakia, Finland, sweden, and Switzerland) Far more teams could be fielded in American football, with no particular advantage to any nation. Viewers would also increase substantially with the inclusion of the sport. Super Bowl 50, which was hardly a game of any quality, received over 120 million viewers by some estimates. If that same rabid fan are was brought to the Opympics, benefits would be mutual with both NBC and the IOC. Not including one of the world's most played and watched sports seems unjust and there doesn't seem to be a particular reason for it. The Olympics could only benefit by including Football, and the competition would be incredible.

  • Ya ya ya

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  • Football is boss

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  • I think it is

    Because it has an international presence. Every year the NFL has three games in London, Canada has their own league (though there are some slight differences), and not only do college teams occasionally play on foreign soil (like Penn St. And UCF did last year), but big time recruits, four or five stars, come out of the international pool. I mean every year LSU has some new punter/kicker from Australia and the game has expanded into Nigeria as a 5-star recruit hailed from there as part of the 2015 class (seriously, look it up). And that's not even mentioning the NFL Europe experiment which ended less than 10 years ago. It doesn't even have to be full pads and helmets; not even shells. Flag football is growing really fast and is way cheaper than traditional shoulder pads and helmets. All you really have to do is put some socks or a couple of rags in your belt and you're good to go for flag football.

  • USA vs Canada game Wow

    If you modified the game to incorporate American,Canadian and rugby rules you could create a unique version of the game and if you had the best of the best from NFL,CFL,AFL and Rugby leagues you could have a very competitive tournament.If you had a USA vs CANADA gold game that would be incredible to watch with the depth the two countries have going head to head.

  • Yes it totally should

    It does involve skill just look at the 2015 super bowl MVP Tom Brady you think I could do what he did no because I have not developed that kinda skill yet. I sure hope one day I will be on that field remember the name Nelson why because soon that will be the best NFL player in history. That makes another point it would not only be fun but it would fulfill dreams

  • Yes it should,

    Because the ioc could vote the sport in the 2024 olympics. This could be taken place as early as 2017, so there is a very high chance of the sport coming to the olympics. There are also over 100 leagues out side of america so america will not win every game.

  • Yes it should

    Football needs to be an olympic sport because it is really fun to watch and play and kids all over the world need a sport that they can play for fun and have protection and be safe. They also can play indoor football with a 50 yard field with walls.

  • American football should be in the Olympics

    American football is a very popular sport in America and I believe it should be in the Olympics. It would be really cool to see teams from all over the world competing. However, it could be a problem that since the sport isn't as popular in other countries, it could be altered a little since rugby is basically the same thing.

  • Naw doe...

    It wouldn't be beneficial to anybody to see the Americans completely destroy everyone in their path. It would, however, be nice to see all the best players on one team. And in response to the below articles, it does require skill... you named a few skills in your argument about how it didnt require skill. How about that? And below that, I live in Europe, and I have played football against semi-pro European teams before, in both Italy and Germany. And there are some pro teams too. They just dont stand any chance against Americans.

  • American Football Is Not Olympic Material

    No, American football should not be in the Olympics. American football does not belong in the Olympics because it is not a game of skill. American football is a combination of chance, luck, quick maneuvers, endurance, strength and speed. American football is a sport where an individual may excel only by being extremely quick to see an opening and what must be done to take advantage of it. This is not something that can be trained.

  • No it should not

    American football is not an international sport like basketball. Are there American style football teams in Europe? No. Are there teams in Asia? No. Are there teams in Africa? No. The only other country I know of offhand that plays American style football is Canada. So the Olympics would not be better off with American football.

  • Not going to happen

    Football's main issue is not game length. The roster would have to be huge, say, 45 people for 1 medal, compared to 20 for soccer. As well, the sport's popularity is seriously lacking outside of the USA, especially in Africa, and the IOC's rules state that new sports must have a women's event. Women's football is still in its infancy, so Olympic football is unlikely to happen.

  • Nobody outside the US cares about it.

    It is just gonna provide an easier path to gold for the US and they clearly don't need it. When American Football has the same global reach as Football (soccer), which will never happen then go ahead and add it to the events list, otherwise let's keep it away from the international stagr. A couple of exhibition games in England is not enough.

  • Definitely not an Olympic sport

    Outside of the US it's just not popular enough and isn't played competitively by enough nations. That's really what it comes down to. Global influence. Add on the fact that it's an extremely dangerous and barbaric sport that shouldn't be glorified or promoted. And it's simply a boring sport to watch. Way too slow. Only an average of 11 minutes of actual live playing time. Who wants to see men in tights stand around running the clock out?

  • No. How American to think that the world must be like us.

    As a proud American who travels, this is laughable. American Football does not have a real international presence because of a few promotional games in London. Nor is it 'justifiably' popular anywhere outside of North America. It is no where near a phenomenon! How devoid of fact. When American Football has a fan based of over 1 billion, then you may begin to pose the question.

  • No, No, and thrice No

    A) Only sports which have Olympic gold as its pinnacle should be an Olympic sport, for that matter football (soccer) should not be in The Olympics too.
    B) It's a one nation sport...Why not include Aussie Rules or hurling?
    C) Every regular season is blighted with injuries, so why extend it further?

  • No no no

    Football does not need to much skill and it is only played in Canada and in south america. Furthermore it is not in the Olympics. Furthermore people get to much money for it . Lastly it's are a bit to complicated and hard to understand. I hope you chose to kick out american football frome being a sport.

  • Nope nope nope

    I disagree because the only place that American football is huge is here in the USA. Thats the issue because of that we would have an unfair advantage. Would we play against ourselves? Also its a sport that relies on how well bulit a person is, luck and other things like that. Its not a sport based on skill.

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