• It's The Best System

    This seems to be another hot button issue for some reason. It should be a progressive tax system because poor to middle class people can only afford so much. They still have to be able to pay all their bills and feed their children. People who have to pay a little more in taxes are the ones who are more financially secure. If they do not like it, they could always make less money.

  • Yes, to balance social inequality

    The level of income and wealth inequality both in the United States and around the world is unacceptable. In order to remain committed to our self-evident beliefs that all men are created equal and deserve equal opportunity to pursue happiness, the rich need to give up a greater percentage of their income than the poor.

  • Yes we should

    yes, I do think that a progressive income tax would be a good thing for this country, and that it would not hurt the people any more than the tax system that we have in place right now. I think that the government needs to go ahead and plan one.

  • Flat taxes make more sense.

    No, Americans should not have a progressive income tax, because sometimes people are very careful to not make more money, because they don't want to pay more income tax. The progressive income tax is confusing, and people do not understand how much they owe come tax time. A flat tax would just be easier for everyone involved.

  • I Say Flat

    While a progressive income tax may seem like the way to go, I would much favor a flat tax if we were going to go for major changes. I believe a flat tax would be more beneficial because it would be easier to calculate. If we have a tax that's easier to figure and get rid of all the confusing policy, then we could really cut back the costs associated with the IRS while also collecting more taxes.

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