• Cancellation would be long overdue

    I mean, this program has ran for 13 years, yet they are not even good at producing stars. Kelly Clarkson seems to be the only successful winner, as noted by her selling a myriad amount of singles and albums both domestically and abroad. Other winners and contestants may be cult favourites, but either they are into obscurity or liked by a certain circle. Plus this show bastardised rock music like never before; Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert are not real rock artists! Rock is like Stones, Who, U2, etc.

  • Lost it's spark

    American idol shouldn't have drama especially from the judges. I feel idol has had a great long run, but I feel it should end at a high note, than end up being canceled mid-season. It's a great show, but after 12 longs seasons it should just come to an end.

  • Yes, it is about time.

    After Simon Cowell left, everything started going downhill. Randy, Paula, and Simon were the perfect team, because they had COMPLETELY different opinions, so it was interesting. Plus, Simon was HILARIOUS. Anyway, the new judges are kind of irritating. I mean, I can't pay attention to the contestants, because Nicki's hair is so distracting!

  • Nikki Minaj has no class.

    I cannot believe that you guys have picked Nikki Minaj as a judge on American Idol. She sings OK, but in my opinion she is very low class to be a judge! She has no class at all. I'm sorry but she makes me sick. I hope that this year will be her last.

  • Talent Shows Should Stay in High School Gyms

    American Idol and other shows of its ilk, are just televised talent shows, and any relevance they may have had in the past, has long since faded away. The stars that are acting as judges do not hold the same appeal as the previous judges, and no one is clamoring for copies of the CDs that the winners are producing anymore.

  • Get new judges!

    I think American Idol is a great show that finds amazing talent all over the US. But this season is just a bit too crazy. They new judges (Nikki Minaj, Keth Urban, and Mariah Carey) are just a bit too much. I liked the season last year, the judges did a great job! I just don't know, something about the judges this year makes me not wanna watch...

  • No- American Idol should stay on TV

    American Idol is still a very popular show in the US and should remain on air. There are a number of young kids who have dreamed of auditioning for American Idol but have not yet reached the required age. By continuing these seasons it allows future children to be on the show and start their musical career. American Idol also represents the American Dream of turning a regular citizen into someone that is rich and famous.

  • It Should Keep Going

    American Idol should not call it quits. The show is still very popular and gets decent ratings. It is not as big as when it first started, but many people still enjoy the show. It is one of Fox's better shows and I think that they should keep it on tv.

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