• Yes fire her

    As shown by the "song" "Anaconda", Nicki is not a good role model for children who watch this show. Just because the show is not currently intended to set a good example does not mean that it is impossible for said show to do so. If steps like firing Nicki Minaj and bringing in judges who are more socially acceptable were taken, America's culture as a whole would benefit.

  • Yes, American Idol should fire Nicki Minaj.

    Not only do I believe that American Idol should fire Nicki Minaj, I'm surprised she still works there. I don't watch the show on a regular basis, and just assumed that she would be let go when she had a problem with Mariah Carey. Because Nicki Minaj has no talent herself, she's incapable of judging talent, and I find her to be a bad role model for today's youth because of her looks and her attitude.

  • Yes, American Idol should fire Nicki Minaj.

    Nicki Minaj should be fired form American Idol because she is a horrible role model and does not create music in line with the styles depicted in the competition. Ultimately, the judges are supposed to be American Idols worth of judging musical competency and commercial appeal as much as the individual competing. Holding criminals, drug addicts, and self-obsessed individuals as judges of ability and portraying them as successful individuals worthy of emulating is a disgrace to our country and to the music industry. Nicki Minaj should be fired, but is not the only judge who should be fired.

  • Love u nicki

    She is amazing and miariah crey sucks she is beautiful and talented it's hard to believe people hate her is a rap queen. She would be the best person to hot the show. She is am amazing role model. She has way more talent than mirariah and puts dedecation into her work

  • No, it shouldn't.

    American Idol and Nicki Minaj are a perfect match. It is arrogant, empty shows like this which produced the horror that is Nicki Minaj. These Idol shows give the false impression that to make it big, you need to show up on tv and impress a panel. It doesn't show the dedication or the love and joy that go into making music just for the sake of making music. Instead, it promotes little poptarts which are all easily interchangeable and only recognizable by whatever horrible gimmicks they choose to promote themselves with.

  • She's the better female judge of the two

    The basis that Nicki is a bad 'Artist' is completley opinion based, and actually can't be said. If she makes money off of her singing career (Which she does) then she is an artist. She gives better advice, and says much more helpful things than what Mariah does. Mariah says the same thing to ALL the competitors. "I love you, good job, keep doing your thing." Those are the basis of Mariahs words, always. Nicki on the other hand gives her opinion to the fullest, and gives pretty good advice. She is a huge attribute to the shows views, because honesetly, who wants to see Mariah or any of the other judges on the panel? Not many.

  • What??!?! NO WAY.

    Omg, of course not. Nicki Minaj is like, one of the best people to ever host the show. I just feel so bad that Mariah is on there, of all people they should fire HER. Mariah Carey sucks. Nicki Minaj is so beautiful and respectable it's hard to believe even TWO people are against her, wow.

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