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There is no need.

  Why would America ban the flag in school? What circumstances are there that would call for the removal of the flag? If there was some extreme circumstance then probably but I cant think of any. I think having pride and patriotic feelings for your country can only be a good thing. Flying the flag in schools helps install this belief.
Juris_Naturalis says2014-03-01T13:47:46.357
Apparently some California school banned the flag because some kids wore it on t-shirts on Cinco De Mayo, of all freaking holidays, and some illegal immigrant students took offence and started a fight.
bubbatheclown says2014-03-01T17:32:13.500
If somebody doesn't like this country and he is offended by its flag, then I encourage that person to leave. It's hypocritical to enjoy all the benefits provided by being an American and at the same time being offended by its flag.
janetsanders733 says2014-03-01T17:50:41.257
So illegal immigrants can wear cinco de may on their shirts, but we americans can't wear the flag whenever we want to? Considering the fact that the only reason why illegal immigrants are here is because we the taxpayer give all our money, time, and education to them so they can stay. I'm not referring to Hispanics in general, just illegal immigrants.
Nebelous says2014-03-01T18:09:28.653
The students wore them on Cinco De Mayo for no other reason than to offend. They don't wear them any other day but decide that because someone is proud of their heritage they need to spit in their face because this is AMURICA. No doubt they told their parents of this and the parents went out and bought the shirts.
janetsanders733 says2014-03-01T18:11:19.227
@Nebelous oh okay, that's different. But, I'm just talking about illegal immigrants who don't work and expect us to much off them for free
Juris_Naturalis says2014-03-01T23:37:22.223
Nebelous, you can't prove that. And even if you can, who gives a crap. This is America. I should be able to carry a flag wherever I want to. We shouldn't be succumbing to minorities.
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