Should American public schools ban American flags in the school if certain circumstances call for it?

  • We are a world.

    "The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion" - Thomas Paine.

    We are human beings sharing a planet, and to separate ourselves into factions is unnecessary. To be a patriot is to put your country above and before others which is completely wrong and leads to xenophobia and war.To keep a flag up is pointless, and does nothing but indoctrinate the feeling in impressionable children that they should be proud of their country. Your government needs people to feel patriotic so that you will go to war and die for their purposes, if people realised that we are all the same, that we're all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, and that we are truly insignificant, then maybe we wouldn't kill our fellow man to satisfy a few men in power.

    These are not problems that can solved by taking a flag down, but keeping it up will only perpetuate the belief. We should be proud of the people we are not the place we live and if this was taught in schools, then whether or not the flag should stay up would be a mute point.

    P.S. Also please chanting USA, you sound like morons,

    Kind Regards,
    The Rest of the World

  • We don’t need them

    Like seriously I mean students are sick and tired of seeing the American flag ok and yes I think that American public schools should absolutely ban American flags ok ok ok and Yes I think that American public schools should ban American flags for good ok ok ok good bye

  • Why not? National patriotism is simply pointless.

    This is speaking from an entirely U.S perspective: There is nothing objective, productive, or useful produced from patriotism expressed by any person, organization, entity or institute in any way. While I am not against a persons right to express patriotism for any entity (or anything) that they want to express patriotism for, there is technically no direct need for it. Schools should be able to choose whether they use the flag or not ultimately. The objective of schools is to educate and prepare kids for the future, nothing more.

    There is absolutely no reason for anyone to care about whether a school decides to stop using the American flag or not. As said before: "The objective of schools is to educate and prepare kids for the future, nothing more."

    To answer the question being asked more directly, if certain circumstances somehow call for the flag to be banned, go for it right away, no debate.

  • Everything is wrong with this pointless ban

    This is not only an aggression against the American patriotism, but also an aggression against the first amendment. If they can ban the American flag, they can also ban other symbols right? If they can ban symbols, they can ban other forms of expressions. We should not allow anyone tell us what we can express and what we cant. Also, whoever feels "offended" or "uncomfortable" with the American flag should not be in America in first place. If you're a migrant and hate America, just don't go to America. If you're American and hate America, well.. There is something wrong with you, but you can always move to Canada or something.

  • Who are we offending?

    Why would we ban American flags in American schools. Are we scared of offending someone? Who would we be offending? Wouldn't banning the flag offend many people also. Especially veterans or family members who have lost loved ones defending that flag. Why is it ok to offend certain groups but not ok to offend others. The flag is a symbol of this country. Removing it to keep some groups happy is a disgrace. We cant make everyone happy but we can be proud that we live in a country that allows us to express our opion regardless of who we offend. Thats called freedom. Thats something the American flag stands for. Keep that flag flying!!

  • I pay for that public school as an American!

    I am an American citizen, I pay my taxes that pay for that school. I should be represented for my contribution. Thus the American flag should always be in every public school. Should a school ban that flag, they shall not receive benefits that our citizens pay for. End of subject.

  • Schools should not ban the American flag!

    Why on Earth should we ban the American flag? There are no circumstances or 'safety reasons'. Any student who causes 'safety reasons' to apply in the display of the American flag must immediately be punished. Continued obstruction of the display of American patriotic symbols is worthy of investigation. So, no.

  • WE need patriots

    That inspires kids not to love their country. Then they might bring our nation to the ground. Also the only other argument posted in this debate is a hippie liberal conspiracy theorist one, so yeah. We need to be patriotic, love our country and have values. The flag is important.

  • This Seems Unnecessary

    What circumstances would make the presence of the American flag inappropriate? Even if there was a need to remove the flags one would not be able to remove all of the flags in the students' environments. If the removal of all flags was even possible one would think other patriot symbols would trigger the same negative outcomes and that would start this seemingly impossible process all over again.

    Patriotism is deeply embedded within our society, to remove just American flags from schools would not solve the issue.

  • The Flag Should Stay

    If you hate this country so much that you're offended by it's flag, then make sure you're not living here. If you are, then pack your bags and move somewhere else. And make sure that you never come back. Ever. Our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were against people who threatened our freedom. Without wars like this we'd have no freedom, so by all means if these wars to protect our freedom offend you, then leave this country and go to a country where Islam or atheism is the only legal belief system. Go live in a dirt poor country. But do not insult all decent Americans by hating this country and yet enjoying its privileges.

  • We are In AMERICA

    Schools are suppose to be a place for us to feel loved, cared and welcomed, but not anymore. They've took out religion, the Confederate flag (witch is heritage) and the first amendment. Now they want our flag. Its seen at our post offices, banks and restaurants but it can't be at a place where we all learn? People came to the US for religious and the freedom to learn not, its a shame we can say the pledge and fly our flag to honor the men, women and children that all died! If you don' like America, Ill help you pack your bags. :)

  • If one is that bothered by the flag, he shouldn't be in a America, let alone a public school.

    Is there anyone more irritating than the person who lives in a country they despise and tries to make everyone follow suit? There is no special circumstance imaginable that makes removal of the flag appropriate. Call it a crazy cultural tradition, but America believes in respecting the flag in public places and we're far from the only country to feel that way.

  • If you aren't willing to stand by this flag, then find a new one If you don't like the flag, move out

    If you aren't willing to stand by this flag, then find a new one If you don't like the flag, move out, if you moved in and are still proud of the culture and country that you fled from and you refuse to pledge allegiance, then why you left your country of origin in the first place?

    Live where your loyalties lie...If you can't live where they lie, then it might be time to change those loyalties.

    Posted by: N711

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