Should American States have greater autonomy? (autonomy in managing policies, state economies, laws, etc)

Asked by: Rezamee
  • Survival of the fittest.

    When I hear issues about the nation that include things like gun control to abortion or lower taxes, I wonder why don't the states solve these issues for their state. I mean stuff like gun control is really a state problem, if certain states feel they need guns let them and vice versa. Some states will ban abortion while others implement lower taxes. This allows states to play trial and error, the states that fabricate successful policies will benefit and might lead to other states following their model. So states that have bad policies will suffer and lose population due to emigration to better states. In my opinion this would solve a lot of problems while the national solves more nation wide problems.

  • Central or Federal governments can't know everything.

    You cannot expect the federal government to know the specifics of a community, as well as the state or local governments will. Maybe it can in some cases, but definetely not all the time. So, it makes more sense to give states as much freedom as possible to make sure that local communities live up to their full potential.

    I do recognize, though, that the federal government does need to step in sometimes. Sometimes, a state will fail to do what is best for its citizens. Like the federal government, states will not know everything. But states are more likely to understand their local issues better than the federal government will because they are closer to the problems.

    I also recognize the fact that giving states more freedom to self-govern, can cause complications when moving from state to state. This is evident in America's history with the Articles of Confederation. But this still doesn't defeat the fact that the state governments are closer to their local problems than the federal government is. And today, the federal government issues a rediculous amount of regulations in many areas of our lives. This can definitely be decreased.

    To summarise, I say yes to the question of whether or not states should have greater autonomy. The federal government is very powerful and influential today and this can and should be decreased to help us increase our quality of life.

    -- I am not a big states rights supporter, nor am I a Libertarian, or Conservative. So, if anyone has an argument against the claims I have made, I am all ears as long as we keep it logical and reasonable.

  • The State Governments should enlarge and the Federal Government should be greatly reduced

    The definition of a state is, "a nation or territory considered as an organized political community under one government.
    "Germany, Italy, and other European states"" according to the dictionary. Under the current system the United States is not a coalition of small countries, but a very large country made up of territories that are almost Providences. Should someone living in California decide basic laws for someone in Wisconsin.

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