Should American students be required to learn a second language?

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  • Everyone should know sign language

    Imagine what it must be like to be deaf and not understood by the vast majority of people. If more people knew sign language this problem would be alleviated. Deaf people would have more opportunities and be less impaired by their disability. People would understand them better as human beings.

  • It's better thank knowing only one language

    Learning a second language would allow students to gain a better understanding of other cultures, which is likely going to be very important in the years to come. Learning another language will form bonds that will be invaluable in understanding how different people are affected by the little things that are usually taken for granted.

  • We don't live with just Americans.

    Learning another language may mean more school, more homework, but just like more school and more homework it benefits us. Learning a second language opens up so many more doors, it leads to travel, to new experiences, it leads to a diverse population. Also, there are so many words in the English language that are derived from foreign words. Learning a second language should be part of the curriculum of all schools.

  • It should be integrated at a very young age.

    Various studies have shown the benefits of learning a second language at a young age. It boosts brain development across the board. Currently only immersion schools offer dual language learning at the elementary level. If public schools were to accept this format we would see a rise in American test scores.

  • Yes these will help us to help who do not speak english.

    There are lot of people that come to U.S and struggle to speak something. These people come to U.S for better job oppurtunities, education and religious freedom but they can't do this because they don't speak english and we americans don't know their language so we should at least help our next generation learn a second language and help the immigrants.

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  • How can this do any harm?

    Many schools around the world have learning another language as a part of their education programs. Being fluent in multiple languages requires higher level thinking and America is slipping on the literacy rate ranking because students aren't interested in schooling and learning proper English, but maybe if they learned a new language, their mind could be figuratively awakened to love learning which would lead to better grades.

  • Languages are inextricably linked to culture:

    In learning a second language, students are also developing an understanding of a second culture since Languages Evolved with the particular culture it belongs to. This gives a student an insight into another way of structuring thoughts, such as languages like french where some verb, adjective combinations are reversed or Chinese where who you are talking to is important and changes the mode of expression. Such understanding is important in a multicultural society. A side benefit of learning a second language is that it makes the student really concentrate, which is a great learning skill, which will assist in all other endeavors in their lives.
    I'm currently trying to learn Mandarin, wish I'd done it at school instead of French.
    Because it is much harder than French, as french is also Latin based so many words were already familiar. Nothing is familiar in Mandarin. Really forces strong concentration, which clears the rust out of the brain. It's All Great! :-D~

  • It's a good idea, but it shouldn't be required to graduate

    I think that learning a second language is a good idea, but it shouldn't be required to graduate from high school. Instead, colleges should have admission requirements. Because colleges want to expand their achievements, they will accept students who speak many different languages, so they should make requirements for acceptance that make students know more languages. Then the college will be a more universal workplace. Also, then the kids who don't go to college will be at a disadvantage if Spanish, for example, gets more popular.

  • Good Idea, but not as a requirement

    It is a wonderful thing to master a second language, but English is the established language of the U.S. and a second language skill should not be required by our system of secondary education. I have no issue with school systems and colleges making the decision to require a second language but this should not be the role of the state of federal government. The decision should take into account the fact that all students do not pursue a higher education. The decision must take into account the value of a second language. That is not to say a second language is without value, but it should be the decision of students, parents, and local school boards.

  • Are you serious?

    No one should be required (i.E forced) to do anything. If they want to learn a language then great. If they make the choice freely not to learn a language they will suffer the barrier that leaves in front of them. Although when the de-facto language is English they have no real NEED to do so.

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