• If it's within reason.

    Yes, I believe that American troops in Iraq should be subject to local laws, because they need to convince the Iraqi people that they are there to help make a difference. However, that should only apply within reason, because there are some laws, especially religious laws, that should not apply to them.

  • American troops in Iraw should be subject to local laws.

    Yes, American troops who are in Iraq should be subject to local laws, just as anyone else traveling anytime, ever, to another country would be subject. It is unfair to give special treatment to the American military, whether it is because they are a military, or because they are "American."

  • Only to US laws

    Troops in a country should not be subject that country's laws. There are plenty of laws in other countries that we do not observe. For example, there are a lot of countries that regulate what women can or cannot do, and that would not work for female soldiers in Iraq.

  • No, they should not be

    I think on a smaller scale they should not be subjected to local laws. They can't be bother by crossing the street when there is a red light,but larger laws, they should have to follow. If they go rob a liquor store,its going to be an issue for everyone. I am sure they break some here and there,but they need to keep it kosher.

  • Not at all

    No, they should not be subject to local laws, because they are there to fix the country, so the people have to listen to them and do what they say. If the troops have to follow their laws, a lot of things would change that would put them in danger.

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