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  • Kill terrorists before they move here!

    If we eradicate the terrorists there, then they can't kill Christians, Americans, and more. Duh! Do you want to be lined up, tortured, and killed by the evil people over there that our honorable troops. No! Do you wanna see your kids killed in front of you, and tortured as well, heck no! So get your head out of the ground and let them stay and kill the terrorists who wanna kill you.

  • Yes and no

    If we leave we just destroy all the stuff we "don't need" and leave the rest for them to use against us. If we stay as a strong military force we could aggravate the populous into fighting us. I clicked yes because we still need to support anti-terrorism, but we need to do it by showing the people and getting the populous to agree in the fact that terrorism is wrong...Then the mission would work, the government rebuilt, and the need for american troops would slowly go away.

  • No - not in the name of national stability

    Yes. American troops are not yet ready to leave. We have to appear belligerent and defensive so that our country does not lose stability. We need to get rid of the terrorist forces and improve the stability and freedom of nations abroad. Thus, those who think that U.S. troops should come out of Iraq are thick.

  • Yes.

    The region over there is unstable and it is not yet ready for American forces to leave. It is a evident threat that there could be an overthrow of the government by terror forces. American troops need to do what it was sent their to do in the first place, fix the region from becoming unstable and maybe bring some freedom in such a sordid place.

  • Yes, we need to finish what we started

    I don't disagree with the idea that it was a mistake to go in, but now that we are there we need to finish what we started. We do need to pull out some of the troops that are there, but we need to make sure essential processes are taken care of.

  • Yes

    Yes, but for a specific reason. The things put in place by the military will not hold up well once they leave, such as new government practices and things. The full force need not stay, but there still needs to be a presence until the country can learn to hold itself together.

  • NO

    The incentive behind the invasion of Iraq was, and is, to eliminate the "weapons of mass destruction." Now that we have confirmed their absence and overturned their government with the execution of Sadam Hussein, we either remove our troops immediately, or install puppet governments in every government deemed corrupt by the U.S. government (I guarantee a mess).

  • Money doesn't grow on trees

    Where are we going to get the money to fund this operation? We are 16 trillion in debt. We can't even protect our own borders while at the same time, we're telling another nation to stay within their borders and not to invent nuclear weapons. So what if they invent nuclear weapons? If they use them on anyone, their cities will instantly be leveled to the ground by surrounding nations. More than likely, they will gain respect from outside sources, and we will be forced to pull out since they have the capability to defend themselves. Let me remind you that we never declared war on Iran. We are fighting a "War on terror." So basically, we could use the same excuse to declare martial law and roll tanks on to the streets. Obviously, this is not what a free nation is about. If Russia invaded Mexico, would we not be angered? What gives them the right to go mucking around in another nation's affairs? And so close to our border as well!

    Posted by: Ness
  • No!

    Absolutley not, who are we to tell other nations and people on how to live and rule their life, if the Iraqis want dictatorship then let them have it, that is none of our business, if they want democracy then let them have it too.
    What if China decided to invade us because Obama is killing children with drone strikes? That is the same mentality!

  • Absolutely not

    It was a mistake to go in, and worse, it was predicated on a series of lies. Saddam may have been an evil man, but so was Kim Jong Il. The United States has not invaded North Korea and nor should it. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the premise for going into Vietnam and it was a mistake as well.

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