Should American troops withdraw from Afghanistan?

  • Yes, I see no reason to stay

    We appear to be occupying another country without their leave and without cause. This is putting our troops in harms way while garnering bad feelings from other areas. It also doesn't seem to be doing any good at all. There are still terrorist attacks, and these are still killing people. We need to withdraw.

  • Yes. We are occupying another country.

    We really have no right to be occupying another country, and it only hurts us in lives lost and dollars spent. Probably the best way we could curb terrorist attacks is to stop meddling in other countries' affairs and not try to impose our will. Maybe eventually they would actually see us as allies instead of occupiers. The war has dragged on too long, and we have done what we could at great cost. End it now.

  • YES we cannot afford it

    Besides the fact that this entire war on terror is a hoax, America is already two feet off the fiscal cliff and we should be cutting costs wherever we can. While I am a support of maintaining a strong military for defense, I am spending our defensive resources so haphazardly when we don't even have enough financial resources. Lets also recall that Obama told us during his first term he would withdraw. It's way too long overdue.

  • Yes, it is time

    Yes, it is time for American troops to withdraw from Afghanistan. It's my feeling we should have entered in stronger numbers instead of going into Iraq under Bush. But we have been in Afghanistan long enough, to the tune of several billion dollars. Are we better off for it? Imagine if we'd spent those billions on our infrastructure, on education in this country, on technological advances, and giving the underprivileged hope and opportunity to become more independent?

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