Should American universities take measures against Chinese spies?

  • Yes, American universities should take measures against Chinese spies.

    For many years, American universities have welcomed Asian students by the hundreds with open arms, often wooing them over American students. Several universities have entered into Asian partnerships, opening combined research centers on campus. Since the identification of Chinese spies, American universities need to become vigilant. They need to take a stand and adopt measures for dealing with students who come in as "spies".

  • No not concern of the University

    I don't think Universities should be concerned with the issue of Chinese spies. It is not the repsonsibility of the university. It is the responsiblity of the American government and should be kept at that level. Univerisites only need to be concerned with providing a safe education for the future of America.

  • No, Chinese spies are of no risk to American Universities.

    American universities should not take measures against Chinese spies because they do no pose a risk or threat to America. Universities are open to be attended by whomever can be admitted, and there is no sensitive material that could lead to a risk. Spies would only be present to take back American education techniques to China and allow for better education, which is something that should not only be allowed, but encouraged.

  • That is for the government.

    No, American universities should not take measures against Chinese spies, because that is the job of the FBI and the CIA, not for universities to investigate and punish. The universities should turn over any suspicion that they have to the FBI, and allow them to deport the person or investigate them.

  • American universities should not take measures against Chinese spies.

    Universities are institutions of higher education and they should not be involved in espionage. Although the United States should take measures against spies, especially from China, there is no reason that universities should have to do this. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is in charge of counter-espionage in the United States.

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