Should Americans adopt hard-to-place U.S. kids who are older or have special needs instead of fueling an international market for healthy infants?

Should Americans adopt hard-to-place U.S. kids who are older or have special needs instead of fueling an international market for healthy infants?
  • I think Americans should adopt American kids.

    I think that instead of adopting children from foreign countries and causing unneeded births, Americans should adopt kids in America that need good homes. Adopting children from another country causes a market, which then causes people to have babies, just to adopt. There are enough children in the works without good homes that we do not need to birth more.

    Posted by: FemaleTyron73
  • I would like to see every American kid have a loving and stable home.

    As a Christian, I want to see a day when abortion clinics are empty. Part of that requires a politician with guts, but the other side is that Christians have to start acting like Christians and adopt and foster kids who have no parents to care for them. Obviously, not all kids are going to get placed, but at least if we can give older kids a chance to experience a good home for a short time, it will help them become more productive citizens.

    Posted by: AutomaticKenny
  • Americans should put more emphasis on adopting older and special needs children in the U.S. rather than fueling an international market for infants.

    Many older U.S. children go unadopted because of the current emphasis on adopting healthy infants. Not only would it benefit these children if the focus was changed to encourage Americans to adopt within their own country, but it might also help to deter some of the shady practices that have arisen in third-world countries as a result of the demand for healthy infants.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • While infants from around the world who need to be adopted should not be ignored, it is critical that American children find a home as well, even if they are not infants or have special needs.

    The burden on the foster system in this country is severe, and children who grow up in the system often lack the full support of a stable family environment throughout their whole childhood. If Americans were more willing to adopt older children or children with special needs, more of these kids could find loving stable homes that would position them for better lives.

    Posted by: FunnyPrince35
  • Americans should definitely adopt older and special needs kids, because they are worthy and have so much love to offer.

    Americans definitely should adopt older children and special needs kids, rather than making a supermarket of babies, because these children are so special and have so much love to offer. We need to support kids, help and nurture them, and accept the good they can bring to our lives. Babies do grow up and become these same older and special needs kids.

    Posted by: SAugustus
  • Yes, certainly the first consideration when adopting should be to try to give a home to children in their own country.

    Rather than focusing on finding the perfect baby, and thereby in some way fueling this global baby market, the first consideration should be willingness to provide a home to a child in their own country. As long as there are plenty of kids in need of homes here, it is selfish for would-be adoptive parents to look elsewhere just to get an infant.

    Posted by: Th4Fire
  • Yes we should adopt our own countries children.

    Americans should adopt older or special needs children because we as Americans need to take care of our own people first. There are a lot of deserving children right here in this country that need the love of a family. We need to take a look inside of ourselves and give these children right here at home a chance.

    Posted by: l0nerkatz999
  • Yes, older children and those with special needs need to feel the love of a family just as much as a healthy infant from another country.

    Studies have shown that once a child in the foster care system reaches age eight, if they had not been adopted by that point, they are more likely to spend the rest of their childhood in the foster-care system. Once the child turns 18, they are on their on with very little help from the government. They often are not given the opportunity to go to college which means they work minimum wage jobs and struggle to support themselves throughout the rest of their lives.

    Posted by: 5h4d0wIvar
  • All children, even older or special needs need a good loving home.

    As a country we should pull together to help all of our nation's children. Older, special needs, or high risk children also need good homes to live in. As American citizens we should remember where we came from and that it often does take a village to raise a child. There are people out there that can provide good loving homes to endangered children, we must recognize them and make the process easier and more stable for those willing and able parents.

    Posted by: taboon
  • This is such a tough subject, but I am going to say yes, I do think Americans should adopt hard to place US kids rather than fueling an international market for healthy infants.

    Just because I said I think they should, doesn't mean its going to happen. People want babies as babies have no problems. Kids with special needs are tough, and there is a long journey ahead. With babies, they don't quite know what their upbringing was, and so there is less pain. I do think that more people should adopt US kids with special needs, as they're in need of people to love them.

    Posted by: LorenaH
  • No. Adoption is difficult in the U.S.

    I have to wonder if all of the people voting yes have successfully adopted a child in the U.S.? It is not that easy. Most U.S. agencies want adoptive parents to have open lifelong relationships with the biological family which can put a lot of strain on all involved. The U.S. Foster care system has a goal of reuniting the majority of children back with biological families. There are no orphanages in the U.S. The only two options to adopt are to adopt an unwanted newborn (which is very competitive) or to become a foster parent and hope you get a child that you might want to adopt who is not taken away from you and sent back to the biological family. The medical bills for specials needs children can be astronomical and raising those children demands many resources which are not that easy to come by. Very little financial support (if any) if given to parents who are willing to adopt special needs children. All of these factors is what has lead so many people to choose international adoption. If the U.S. would come up with a better system for parents who want to adopt then more people would consider it.

  • I think that adopting a child is a personal decision, and pressuring prospective parents into adopting children that they are not equipped to raise can lead to child abuse and abandonment.

    Raising a special needs child is not an easy task and can quickly overwhelm even the most well-meaning parent. By removing the option to adopt a healthy infant, prospective parents without the ability to deal with the special circumstances of raising a special needs or hard-to-place child could be pressured into adopting a child that they were not able to properly care for, which could easily lead to resentment and to child abuse/abandonment. This burden would then fall on the taxpayer to care for the children. I think it is far better to leave the choice up to the prospective parents and adoption process.

    Posted by: ezuana
  • No, because many people are not able to provide care that these children would require.

    Many couples that choose to adopt are not equipped to care for a mentally challenged child or an older child that has been in state care. Many older children that are available for adoption have emotional issues that need more caring and understanding than the average couple might have at their disposal.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • Americans should not be required to adopt domestically, taking hard-to-place children who are older or who have special needs, since these children require care that not all adoptive families are able to provide.

    As it is now, in both domestic and international adoptions, adoptive parents specify whether or not they will take children who are hard to place. These adoptions are typically processed faster since there are fewer families who will take these children, which is an incentive. However, some adoptive parents do not feel they have the skills to care for such children. And, since placing children with special needs into the care of those who are not well prepared for the challenge would be detrimental to the children themselves, the system should remain as it is.

    Posted by: taichoo
  • No, people should be able to choose to adopt from anywhere they want.

    Although there might be a need to adopt hard-to-place kids within the United States, this may not satisfy the urge for parents to have a younger child. It is sad to think that some children that are older may never get placed within a loving home, but it is also not anyone's direct responsibility to adopt them. People should be able to choose what decisions they want to make in regards to adoption whether the child is from the United States, or abroad.

    Posted by: M4ck3God2iIIa

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