Should Americans avoid traveling in the Middle East to avoid terrorist attacks?

  • Yes, Depending on what you think.

    Caving in and avoiding any and all travel to the Middle East or any other terrorist-infested regions of the world would be a psychological victory for the terrorists. Then again, You’d be much less likely to be the victim of a terrorist attack which is a real victory for you.

    It’s the same thing with the massive security increase we’ve seen in airports, Malls, And other places. Making sure that no one could carry an act of terrorism while compromising some individual freedoms would be a win for the terrorists psychologically but a real victory for everyone else.

    But that’s just it, You would be given a REAL victory, Not just a petty, Psychological one.

  • It would be wise

    Travelling to war zones and dangerous areas is always a risk. Some times if it can be a low risk meaning a visit would be worthwhile, but with the state of the middle east it is not a risk worth taking. I know journalists have a career incentive to go there but it is just not worth the risk. Look at the British cab driver that went over to be an aid worker and help muslims, he ended up getting beheaded by ISIS. Stay away from the are, it's not worth it.

  • Yes I agree

    Yes I do think Americans should be careful where they are traveling, especially in the Middle East. Americans are targets in that part of the world these days, unfortunately. It's a beautiful place to travel to but by doing so, people are putting their lives at risk. Pick a safer destination.

  • Not everyone in the Middle East is a terrorist

    The Middle East is full of many people that are living normal lives, such as we do in the western countries. While there is a hatred for Americans over in the Middle East, it does not necessarily mean that harm will come to an individual traveling in the area. Any individual wishing to travel to the area should do additional research on safety practices in the area and avoid any and all conflict available.

  • Americans should travel anywhere as long as they are respectful of other cultures

    It is my belief that Americans can and should travel to the Middle East, as long as they behave in a respectful manner to their host country. It is important for any person, no matter what their race, country of origin, gender, or age, to educate themselves about the place they are travelling to before they arrive. While national terror alerts should be observed before travel, there are plenty of countries in the Middle East which do not commit acts of terror upon visitors from any particular origin.

  • Fear should never stop us from pursuing our goals.

    Terrorism thrives off of fear, and as Americans we should be brave in the face of fear and see that it is an imagined threat. The majority of the Middle East population are not terrorists, and an attack of any kind by any person can occur anywhere. If a person wants to travel for work or pleasure, they should be able to do so without fear of the unknown.

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