Should Americans be forbidden entrance to Europe?

Asked by: Mirza
  • Yes, they should.

    American culture makes it more likely for people to become socio/psychopathic. There is good amount of arguments in favour of this claim. For that reason, it would be unwise for Europe to accept for a lengthy period of residence American individuals. They have been influenced negatively by their culture, making them a danger amongst the noble European people.

  • I don't need to be forbidden

    Europe doesn't want me there anyway. Why go where you are not wanted? It wont matter anyway in about 20 years. It will be over run by Islam and Muslims. Europe and European culture is pretty much dead. Secularism has created the pathway for Islam to fill the Christian void secularism caused. It's just like the US leaving Iraq it just created a pathway to fill with ISIS. Europe is doomed and so is the rest of the world. "I know, Not all Muslims are extreme" Neither were all the Germans and Japanese during WW2. The only difference now is. The world can't identify any enemies of freedom so freedom will die and Islam and sharia law will take over. I know "That will never happen" Who's going to stand up Identify the enemy of freedom and fight ? The world is to scared of looking politically incorrect. PC will kill us all. None of the so called "migrants" are assimilating they only make demands and threats.

  • About belonging to home

    Americans are native to North-America, not Europe, therefore Americans should stay in the US. Just like Europeans belong in Europe, Americans belong in the US. For example, no one in their right mind would ever propose Asians to come to Europe, much less Europeans to come to Asia. Besides, borders are there for a reason.

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  • Yes it is better to separate the species Americans in America and Europeans in Europe

    If the two types of white people mix then it will be bad for everyone. Whenever American go to Europe they say stupid things go to American take away joints, get conned and embarrass their country which they could do on a trip to New York. Don't get me wrong some Americans are good but god they are so dumb once i was at a monument for fallen soldiers in some European country and all they could focus on was that some guards were wearing traditional skirts like wtf, everyone back then wore weird clothing like look at a picture of Queen Elizabeth the first she looks like a bleached flower and had they considered that the Romans and Greeks wore togas all the time that essentially a glorified bath robe and even now some people are brave enough to wear crocs in public.

  • What sort of Eurocentric nonsense is this?

    Ones nationality should not prevent one from traveling abroad in any rational capacity. Unless this is satire, I am very hard pressed to find any reason that citizens of the United States should not go wherever they please. Every nation in the world hosts dangerous individuals, but this does not mean that every individual is dangerous.

  • Why should Americans be forbidden entrance to Europe?

    There is a great contribution from the Americans towards the rejuvenation of European economy after world war 2. In fact without the help of America Europe would have been destroyed. The European economy is very much dependent on the contribution of American economy. Both these nations and continent have strong social ties and so when so many things are going well I can not understand as to why should Americans be forbidden entrance to Europe?

  • You couldn't live without us.

    Twice American blood has been shed on the beaches of Europe to save the world from 2 brutal regimens without us both World Wars wouldn't have ended very differently. A counter argument would be that America wouldn't have had any chance verse the Axis powers alone but we could have sided with them. We could have sided with them and expended into Mexico and Canada with the mass industrialization that occurred we could have beat them both.

  • Sure, why not?

    While we're at it, no-one else in any other country can visit any other country either.

    Let's just prevent everyone everywhere from going anywhere in the world. You're born in Australia, and by god you need to stay there.

    What a ridiculous premise. I mean I can acknowledge that a LOT of Americans are socially inept and hopelessly ignorant, but not all of us are.

    The irony in the question is wonderful.

  • European societies along with North and South American societies form Western Civilization

    European and American societies are really branches of the same cultural tree. Further, I would state that the only time the United States has forcibly entered any European countries, it was to help clean up the messes that they made of themselves during World Wars 1 and 2. We seem to have some arrogance on the other side of this issue suggesting that "American culture makes it more likely for people to become socio/psychopathic". I would present the idea that American society never invented Nazism nor did they event Communism. Both were invented in Europe, though Communism was first introduced to Russia. Seems to me to be more evident that the Europeans are the one's with societal problems.

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  • Mirza at it again

    Tourism is a great part of each European nation's economies. You should not be blocked from going into a nation as long as you abide by their customs and rules. I would not recommend Americans to visit many European nations, as the foul stench of Socialism is too much to bear, as well as the giant influx of filthy Syrians from the East. However, they shouldn't outright be denied access into Europe. Doing so will lessen income for smaller economies.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-11-02T02:50:01.107
Fair enough, provided that Europeans are likewise forbidden entrance to the United States.