Should Americans Be Forced To Become Like Europeans?

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  • Just the opposite.

    Clearly they are talking about the Americas being like the E. U. Based on the flag. Problem with it is that you are treated like all the other countries when it comes to issues like trade. Because each country is unique, Each country has unique needs and uniting means that your country may be forced to take bad deals. This is why we have Brexit. G. B. Was getting shafted. Inevitably, Countries will want back out of the deal like G. B. Does and look at how difficult that is. To make things much more troublesome, Unlike countries in Europe, Most of the countries in the Americas are nothing like the U. S. As many of them are third world nations.

  • Americans should learn from Europeans and vice versa but not become each other.

    I am saying this as a European, I like the European system mostly I do not get some American systems because I have been in Europe my whole life. BUT I do not think the whole world should have the same main principles. Both systems have flaws and if a flaw is exploited at least not the whole world suffers, Advancement and coming up with new fresh ideas might slow down if the same mindset is applied everywhere. Everyone should learn from each other.

  • Very vague debate

    This is very confusing. Become like Europeans in which way? Also, Which Europeans? There are many languages, Cultures, And ethnicities in Europe so "become like Europeans" doesn't really mean anything. However, No one should be forced to "become like" anyone else, Especially in the USA. Also, Which Americans? North, South, USAian or Venezualian?

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