Should Americans be more concerned about Trump's business record than Clinton's e-mails?

  • Yes, Americans should be more concerned about Trump's business record than Clinton's e-mails.

    Yes, Americans should be more concerned about Trump's business record than Clinton's e-mails. They should also be more concerned about his racism and sexism. He has said so many terrible things over the past year that he should be disqualified from serving as president. People should look at the real issues.

  • Business Reflects Leadership

    The ability to run a country is far more important than unsecured emails. Although the emails caused a tragedy it does not determine how Clinton will be if she were president. If Trump were president, his credentials in his business should show that he is not a strong leader. He gets out of things using loopholes.

  • Yes, most definitely.

    Clinton's emails are interesting and have important info, but we've talked about it so much already. It keep being brought up as if the horse hasn't been beaten to death yet.

    Trumps business records need to be the main focus now. If he's going to treat America as his business, then we should know his record and see how well he does.

  • Of course we should

    If Donald Trump ends up becoming president, which I hope he doesn't, that would be a very bad thing. He has gone bankrupt 6 times and his business is only successful because his dad loaned him 14 million dollars. If he runs this country like he's run his business, we will be in big trouble.

  • Yes, Trump's business record is more concerning than Clinton's e-mails

    Yes, Americans should be more concerned about Trump's business record than Clinton's e-mails. While somewhat concerning, Clinton's e-mails show a mistake and possible lack of judgement but they don't reflect her entire experience and resume. There are also several questions regarding the source of leaks, the motivation, and even the accuracy of the emails that have be released. On the other hand, Trump has touted his business record as one of the main reasons people should vote for him. His business record seems to be very relevant in this case. Also, his business is, for the most part, public record. There are no concerns about political motivation in accessing those records.

  • Hillary Clinton's run despite of her staggering criminal record - and not prosecuted - makes US out to be like just another third world nation

    Project Veritas showed how the DNC is paying subsidiary organisations who in turn are bribing mentally ill and homeless people to attack Trump rallies and let the media pin it on Trump supporters. This amounts to terrorism and thus makes the Democratic Party a terrorist organisation. Let that sink in

  • Emails involve National Security

    Trump is obviously a good business man as proved by his wealth. Hillary's emails shows her treatment of National Security and show how well she can handle them discretely. Both show their skills in judgment. Whereas Trumps business success shows great judgment as a CEO in contrast Hillary has shown incompetence in her judgments and handling of emails.

  • Hillary is a monster.

    Hillary Clinton has something to hide. People have been put in jail for the types of things shes done to a lesser degree, yet Clinton doesn't get anything to her. Donald Trump is not the most perfect of candidates, but the lesser of two evils would be him, not the criminal that is Hillary Clinton. America doesn't deserve another Clinton in the White House.

  • She is dirty

    She is being investigated by the fib and she is running for the president she said that people shouldn't own guns if they are being investigated by the fib so its ok to run for president. She is a liar and she will ruin this country. The emails are a big sign

  • Hillary Clinton is a political criminal and a dangerous one at that

    The DNS mail correspondence have shown how Hillary Clinton is getting the questions and answers before debates. Hillary Clinton is hiding her pay for play and renting out of american foreign policy, that's why she bleached out her emails so that they are now irrecoverable. She's not loyal to USA

  • Hillary is a criminal

    Hillary Clinton needs to be held accountable for what she has done. She has deleted classified government information in a conspiracy setting. This could jeopardize national security. She just threw these files and emails to the wind. Now I do not completely agree with Donald. He has not held himself to the high standard expected from presidential candidates and has done some morally questionable things. However, he has not done anything to threaten nation security like Hillary has done.

  • Clinton has been a public servant.

    What Clinton has does should be held to a higher level of scrutiny because Clinton did these things while she was working for the government. Trump's business record is only what he did in the private sector, trying to make a buck. Clinton was supposedly a public servant when she set up fake email servers.

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