• Freedom of religion

    America has freedom of religion, and those who observe the practices of Islam have every right to worship anywhere they please. But more importantly, a show of faith from the American majority in a Muslim Center at the World Trade Center site will send a message to the terrorists that we aren't what we say they are - that speaks more volumes than any drone strikes.

  • Americans should be more tolerant of the WTC Muslim Center

    It is my opinion that Americans should be more accepting and tolerant of the World Trace Center Muslim center because it would go a long way in diffusing the tension that was left in the aftermath of the September Eleventh attack. Unity would be a more peaceful solution to this tension.

  • WTC Muslim Center Reflects Freedom of Expression

    Muslim Americans, as citizens of the U.S., are just as entitled to express their opinion as their Christian or Atheist brethren. In fact, tolerance of others' opinions - religious or otherwise - is the very foundation of American Values. Theocratic and religious intolerance contributed greatly to the tragedy of 9/11 in the first place.

  • No, Americans shouldn't be more tolerant of the WTC Muslim Center.

    I do not think that Americans should have to be more tolerant and accepting of the WTC Muslim Center. It is understandable why some people may have a problem with it. I think that there are many other places that such centers can be built at and there's no reason for it to be ther.

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