Should Americans be outraged at the treatment of the Chagossians?

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  • Of course, but not happening

    We have a very convenient routine of doing things for our benefit at the cost of others and not getting upset about it until it's so entrenched in the culture of those that we hurt that it's too late to undo it. This is another one of those cases. We should be upset now, but we should have been upset back when they were given the boot too.

  • Yes, Americans should be outraged at the treatment!

    Americans should be outraged by the treatment the Chagossians have received. By deporting them from their homeland so that a U.S. military base could be built there, the Chagossians have been left destitute. Look at the help American Indians now receive because of how they were treated in history. They were given land and are allowed to live on their land with their own laws governing them. The Chagossians should be given back their land or partial to live again.

  • All People Should Be Allowed to Live and Provide for Their Families.

    I still do not understand who or what any government or person thinks gives them the right to tell someone, "you can't live here anymore." I understand the world is not fair, but seriously, what gives anyone the right to tell someone, "here's a check for the value of your home, now you have to leave." And, as for the other half of the issue, I can understand wanting to preserve the world and save animals and sea life. Trust me, I don't want over-fishing to run the seas dry, but we're talking about letting families catch enough to feed their families, not wiping out the fish population.

  • It is a blight on our nation

    The US long with the UK shares responsibility for this, violating a number of international treaties. The US military requested that the Chagos Islands be "depopulated" under the guise of saying there were only temporary workers there. But memos and a documentary by the BBC show our governments knew these were not temporary workers. The United Kingdom expelled the Chagossians at our request and kept them out of the Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory) at the continued request of the United States government. This is absolutely unacceptable. People should be more outraged over this yet you never hear anything about it. President Obama should be doing what ever is in his power to change US policy and allow the Chagossians home, but instead he glibly refused to do anything about it on his petition website.

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If you bought a farm and no longer required the labourers, would you allow them to stay on the farm at your own expense?