Should Americans be prohibited from criticizing the President publicly?

  • Obama is the greatest!

    Criticizing the president is racist. It is rooted in racism and that is that. When we don't stand by Obama it weakens our nation and causes division. It spreads lies, propaganda, hate, bigtory, intolerance, brainwashing and anger. It stirs up the nut job right-wing faction of this nation that has been trying to bring down our GREAT president since he was elected. Obama is doing what is the very best for ALL Americans .He already got us all free healthcare, and increased funding for programs that help the poor and miniorities. He is honest, real, genuine, down to earth, and overall a great man. There is no reason to ridicule and berate him other than complete racism! Racism is ILLEGAL and should stay that way.


    it is an invasion of our rights it is wrong.

  • Absolutely

    I definitely agree with this. The president works hard enough as it is, we don't need people criticizing him. Those criticizing him could just be a minority, and we don't want him putting their interests over the majority. In private, people could surely speak out against the president, but in public, we must show solidarity and loyalty with our nation.

  • It can cause depression and suicidal thoughts.

    Yea sounds about right if some people do not agree with my terminology then they are wrong and i am right because I an Morgan Powell and they are not me and I am the best to ever live, go cubs go. Mcregor for the win yeeet yeet yeet yeet.

  • I definitely agree

    Those who criticize the government publicly should be arrested for racism. Racism is alive and well in this country, and we have to put an end to it. There is no reason, other than racism, why people should criticize Barack Obama. People only dislike Him because He is African-American, and those people should be arrested.

  • Its our duty to criticize what we find unacceptable

    Laws enacted to suppress free speech and opinion will destroy this nation. Banning internet opinion only serves to keep like minds from gaining strength in possible opposition and leaves all the opinions in the hands of select media which falsely promote a view. These unconstitutional laws can not be used or denied due to forum. This type of thinking can only lead in one direction. Dictatorship and tyranny.

  • Americans should not be prohibited from criticizing the President publicly.

    Americans' freedom of speech is protect by the first amendment of the constitution. If people want to criticize the president, or any elected official, their right to do this is protected by the law. It is also good for our democracy for people to be able to discuss their views openly.

  • If you have to ask...

    One of the most wonderful things about freedom in America is the right to criticize - mock - ridicule - laugh at - deride our leaders without fear of reprisal from those leaders or the organs of government. When there are such reprisals, and when the leaders and the organs of government become one and the same, tyranny is sure to follow, and the fragile promise and blessed hope for a "land of the free" to pass on to our children is gone from this earth for an eon.

  • Absolutely not never

    This country was founded on the principle of being able to challenge government and the laws they passed. "No taxation without representation." To prohibit americans from being able to criticize the president publicly would turn the constitution on its head! Madison, Washington, Hamilton, Adams, Franklin would roll over in their graves. Preventing citizens from criticizing their president is one step away from tyranny, one step away from censorship, one step away from having the private police lock up those that disagree with him in jail, labor camps or have them murdered. Hmmmm this reminds me of something like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and China... Yea we should definitely every principle this country has been founded on to make the president's job easier.

  • It is a fundamental violation of rights. We are not making it North Korea.

    We should have freedom to criticize the government. Otherwise it would be like a dictatorship. And there would be no one to question the government, which may allow the conservative morons or people like them to put their noses in others' personal freedom. Or it may increase corruption. It may be dangerous for people. Remember that the GOVERNMENT IS FOR PEOPLE and PEOPLE ARE NOT LIVING FOR THE GOVERNMENT.

  • NO!!!!!!!! We have the right!

    WE HAVE FREEDOM OF SPEECH! DUH!!!!!!! We can if we want to because the constitution says so and you can, so it doesn't make sense for you to not criticize the president and if you want to go and go it. Let free and say whatever you want about the president.

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion and also should be given the opportunity to substantiate their position.

    In this country we enjoy the right of free speech as a vehicle of dissent or support. As long as we are civil in our discourse we should always be afforded the opportunity to challenge anyone else in society as to their stated positions.

    The President is elected from the people and is subject to the same laws as everyone else. Being President should not afford one additional rights in this country.

    Yet, as with all debates, when you detour from the facts and start attacking someone on a personal level just to make noise you are thus providing evidence that your facts are not worthy of their status and no longer deserve the right to continue debate on a given subject. This preserves the dignity of all participants in the debate of ideas.

  • NOPE.

    He just a human. No subordinates or superior powers. Thousands of people are critsized everyday, but we make it a law to be prohibited to critize our president? Should be promoted to critize the president and the government. I dont think he should be ridiculed. Thats just plain olde studid and a waste of time. Our people should have better fundamentals and better things to do.

  • It is a fundamental right.

    Without this aspect of Free Speech we become no better than Soviets or north Korea.

  • The right to free speech allows Americans to criticize the President.

    Everyone in the United States has the right to voice his or her opinion. If that opinion is one that frustrates or offends other people, then those other people can give their opinions in return. America is founded on freedom, and taking away a person's most basic freedom clearly contradicts the ideals of the founding fathers.

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Anonymous says2013-06-15T15:34:06.193
The people should be allowed to gather together as one and take down the imperialist president run by corporations.