• Americans are privileged and should learn.

    English speaking Americans are a privileged class. We are the mainstream culture. The reason we should learn Spanish is because we keep bringing in guest workers from Spanish speaking countries and we continue to hire Spanish speaking workers in so many of our businesses. If English speaking Americans are going to continue using Spanish speakers in the labor force then we have an obligation to communicate.

    Proof of this sense of privilege is that English speakers don't want to put in any effort with Spanish speaking employees. They want them to pay their own way to get here, seek legal counsel on their own dime if they need legal assistance AND learn perfectly fluent English in order to take on a minimum wage job in the worrst working conditions.

    Learning Spanish at an elementary level isn't so difficult Let's move away from this Master/slave mentality and stop exploiting people. We can at least meet them halfway and put in some effort instead of exploiting people.

  • Americans living in states bordering Mexico should be required to learn Spanish.

    I do agree that American is states like Montana and Main shouldn't need to learn Spanish but people in states like California and Texas should. Hispanics and the largest minority group in America. Around 36 million people speak the language in The US. I say in the border states because that is where most people who speak Spanish are located. I live in Southern California and work in a restaurant. Around 20% of the people who walk in speak only Spanish with little to no English. Since Spanish is easier to learn than English, Americans in these states should be required to learn at least some Spanish.

  • Certain foreign languages are useful, but Spanish is pretty worthless.

    While I think it is important for Americans to learn foreign languages, Spanish is just a bad choice. It's a language spoken exclusively in worthless third world countries (except Spain). Instead the Americans should learn useful languages, like Chinese, Japanese or German. China is the language of the soon-to-be world's largest economy, Japanese and German are languages of the two most technologically advanced countries. Many of the technologies come from there. And both these countries are highly developed that they make North America look like a third world country. So no, we don't need to learn a worthless language like Spanish, but rather we need to learn the useful languages.

  • Encourage, but not require it

    Although I don't think that anyone should be required to learn any foreign language, I do think that Americans can benefit a lot from learning Spanish. Therefore, I think that Americans should be encouraged to learn the language, especially in areas where it is very popular. For example, I grew up in a town that was 90% Hispanic and so learning Spanish was something that we just did. My elementary teachers included the language in the classroom and we had to use it in order to buy things at the store sometimes. It was definitely very useful for me to learn it and so I think that others would benefit from learning it as well.

  • That just isn't fair

    Should't the qeustion be the other way around? Shouldn't people from other countires that are moving to america be forced to learn english? Why should we need to learn their laungage instead of them learning ours sense they are coming to our home. Im am 100% against learning spanish because people from diffrent countires refuse to learn english.

  • Spanish should not be required

    Spanish should not be required. Ever. This is because the US major language was chosen long ago to be English. At one time German almost became the dominant language, but it was shot down. It is ideal for citizens to learn foreign languages, but the only language that should ever be required is English.

  • No, knowing Spanish is beneficial but not necessary

    Although there are many benefits to being bilingual, especially in a very common language such as Spanish, it should not be a requirement that all Americans learn Spanish. Students should be able to choose a language that they are interested in learning. Requiring all students to learn Spanish would decrease the number of American citizens who have a working knowledge of other languages, which could limit the number of people we have prepared to work in different countries where the dominant language is not English.

  • No, Americans should not be required to learn Spanish.

    No, Americans should not be required to learn Spanish because English not Spanish is the most commonly spoken language in the United States. Although the Spanish-speaking population in the United States is fast increasing, all Americans should not be required to learn Spanish because our nation was founded by English-speaking people.

  • Americans should not be required to learn Spanish.

    There are two reasons for this. One, Americans should not be required to learn a language other than English because people should have the option to just study English. Second, the Spanish language is decreasing in popularity and importance. It is pointless to learn a language that is becoming obsolete.

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