Should Americans care if oil-rich nations suffer as oil prices plummet?

  • Yes, I believe Americans should care.

    I think Americans should care that oil rich nations are suffering no matter how low oil prices plummet. I think we should focus on using better fuel alternatives so that the oil rich nations don't suffer by trying to produce too much oil. I think we should put the health of a nation above our fuel needs.

  • Americans should care.

    Americans, along with everyone else should care about the suffering of others. They, as the world leaders in economy and military have access to the resources needed, to help others. Either financially or if the situation requires, with military force. But helping others in need should be a primary concern for all world leaders and superpowers.

  • Yes,various factors which lead to prices plummet are considered

    Some countries economy depends on oil to rise.The oil production is seasonal hence price may either fall or rise hence America as a country should consider the price plummet as the economy and peoples welfare depends on the oil.In this case the factors which should be considered before coming to a constant conclusion on other countries economy in this case the produced oil

  • No, Americans should not care if oil-rich nations suffer as oil prices plummet.

    No, Americans should not care if oil-rich nations suffer as oil prices plummet. For far too long, gas prices have been too high. They are making plenty of money off oil, they are just not able to gouge the population for their hard earned money. If they are "suffering" that badly, they can find cheaper ways to extract the oil to compensate.

  • America is the best. Why should we care about some third-rate wasteland?

    Americans should not care that oil-rich nations are having their principal income streams slashed. The fact that oil prices are dropping means that they have to sell more at a reduced profit, to keep their level of income. This, coupled with the fact that we have domestic oil ready to be exploited makes us stand to be able to dictate our own prices to other nations who previously had oil. Also, as biofuel becomes more prevalent, it offers a less expensive alternative to conventional petrol. So those oil prices may have dropped anyway.

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