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  • Weapons equal more violence.

    Americans should not carry weapons as it is only a matter of time before more violence occurs because of it. The only people who should be allowed to hold a weapon should be the police force. So many people carry around knifes and own guns that should not be allowed to. There need to be stricter laws regarding guns.

  • There should be stricter controls!

    We should be more like the normal countries like Canada. For instance....They had like what? 2-3 shootings and there gun controls were already strict. They made them stricter. Why can't we just have stronger background checks! For handguns. Those military weapons and semi-automatic weapons SHOULDN'T EVEN BE SOLD! Our country doesn't need this! You can arm yourself with a taser or handgun. I never even liked guns. I don't agree with them. The fact that you can go buy stupid machinery with no legitimate purpose is just annoying. I am more than fed up of hearing mental people start shooting rampages! Like when are we going to ban these rifles? Handguns are Okay to live with. But rifles and semi automatics and all those military weapons....No! This country has no brain. Lots of people in this country are just plain stupid to realize this. BAN THESE MILITARY CRAP!

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