• If we can celebrate the day after superbowl then sure.

    We have president's day to celebrate our presidents. Sports championships have pretty much become holidays now. If the people want to celebrate their 2nd amendment rights, let them. The 1st amendment lets them celebrate what ever they want. HOW they celebrate is another matter. Unsafe conduct with a firearm on a gun appreciation day should not be allowed, but if people want to safely carry their guns with them all day, sure. Have at it

  • This honors violence.

    While guns are protected by the second amendment, and even then indirectly since it is the right to a militia, they should not be revered objects in our society. Guns perpetuate violence and crime, while people believe guns protect them they are far more likely to injure themselves than actually use it on a criminal that is accosting them. We need to stop celebrating guns and realize they are detrimental to establishing a peaceful society.

  • No, it would only cause problems

    Guns are already a cause of massive disagreement in the United States. To begin celebrating them for Gun Appreciation Day would only cause more issues from people on both sides, and likely would show a rise in gun related crimes, be it accidental or intentional. Guns are an issue for Americans, we don't need to make them an even bigger deal.

  • Guns should be appreciated as a constitutional right, not a reason for another pointless Holiday

    There is absolutely no reason for a "Gun Appreciation Day". It would be a pointless holiday, as Americans have always had the right to bear arms. That right has not been revoked, nor is it threatened. The government has tightened restrictions on gun control and this only makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to defend themselves against criminals.... There is no more of a reason to have a day assigned to celebrate our 2nd amendment rights that there is for our 6th, 8th, or 11th amendment rights.

  • No We Shouldn't

    This country should not celebrate Gun Appreciation Day. It would be in bad taste in my opinion. It looks bad to celebrate that holiday when so many people die from guns every year in this country. I think it would lead to a lot of complaints and people would be angry.

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